Definition of flyblown in US English:



  • Dirty or contaminated, especially through contact with flies and their eggs and larvae.

    ‘the room was filthy and flyblown’
    • ‘Flemish pictures of the 15th century often show devotional woodcuts fixed to a wall with sealing wax, and already flyblown and curling up.’
    • ‘I haven't worked sheep in many years, but I can remember flyblown sheep dead or dying, slowly and painfully.’
    • ‘No, I do not have to go to the co-op, scoop it from a flyblown communal vat with a wooden spoon, put it in my reusable crock and carry it to the barter-counter with the handy hemp handle.’
    • ‘There was ‘ongoing risk that residents' open wounds can become flyblown and infested with maggots’.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, however, the rest of the fruit bowl is filled with nothing but mouldy old chestnuts and flyblown rhubarb.’
    • ‘Sure, it had a certain buzz, but so does a beached flyblown whale carcass.’
    • ‘It could be food if you'd been trained to think it was, if you grew up eating nothing but damp gray meat, but man: this is like humid newspaper that spent a week impacting in the colon of a flyblown cow corpse.’
    • ‘Or would they have simply let them become flyblown and rot?’
    rotten, off, decayed, decomposed, decomposing, putrid, putrefied, putrescent, mouldy, mouldering
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