Definition of fly the flag in English:

fly the flag


  • 1(of a ship) be registered in a particular country and sail under its flag.

    • ‘At the time, all the major cruise lines were incorporated abroad, and every major ship they sailed flew the flag of a country other than the United States.’
    • ‘On 12 January 2003, the MV Dorine, a Polish bulk carrier flying the flag of Cyprus, berthed in Bell Bay, Launceston.’
    • ‘Two ships appeared on the horizon flying the flag that I was taught to be of Spain.’
    • ‘We were told it was a freighter flying the flag of neutral Portugal.’
    • ‘It was therefore supposed to fly the flag of its nation of registry, i.e. Liberia.’
    1. 1.1also show" or "carry" or "wave the flag Represent or demonstrate support for one's country, political party, or organization, especially when one is abroad.
      ‘he will never consider buying an import, because he likes to fly the flag’
      • ‘Devonport frigate HMS Campbeltown has returned home to the West Country after flying the flag and making friends in Russia and the Baltic.’
      • ‘People are afraid, and in waving the flag of pacifism - pacifism synonymous with anti-Americanism - they feel protected.’
      • ‘Since these companies are busy waving the flag at the moment, one needs to recall how they described themselves during the past decade, as they dispersed production worldwide and planted their logos in many distant lands.’
      • ‘He is waving the flag to show his support for better relations between Canada and the United States.’
      • ‘He missed the chance to wave the flag for all who do not identify with any party and are simply proud to be Irish.’
      • ‘By the same token, the Democratic Party will carry the flag of anti-clericism.’
      • ‘And cheered on by nearly 38,000 delirious fans the 34-year-old Gloucester born star did a triumphant lap of honour, waving the flag of St George.’
      • ‘The 19-year-old was born in New Zealand, but this season he is flying the flag of the land of his forebears, namely Holland.’
      • ‘Great Britain had a realistic chance of the top prize in the men's under-60 kg judo, with England's Commonwealth champion Craig Fallon flying the flag.’
      • ‘With the dust hardly settled, she was off again, flying the flag in the Far East as she reverted to a roving ambassador for the UK.’
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    see flag