Definition of fly rod in US English:

fly rod


  • A lightweight flexible rod used in fly fishing.

    • ‘I slipped the kokanee into a plastic bag, wishing that I hadn't lost the old wicker creel that was companion to Grandfather's cane fly rod, and our last fishing trip was over.’
    • ‘The 8-weight fly rod rocked back, loaded and delivered its delicate payload just past the wagging tail.’
    • ‘Clutching a ten-foot fly rod with your thumb and holding it tight to your forearm, you move your arm like the hand on a clock from the eleven to twelve positions and back again in a powerful tap-tap motion.’
    • ‘I hadn't even finished tying on a new fly, when Belinda hooked another Yellow-Fin, which once again she played for about ten minutes on the single-handed fly rod.’
    • ‘After grabbing a spare fly rod, she headed out the front door, while John shook his head in amazement.’
    • ‘Obviously these different waters have different tackle requirements which means that we must select our first fly rod in accordance with the type of water that we are going to fish.’
    • ‘I toted three 20-pound-class plug rods and three heavy, 11-and 12-weight fly rods.’
    • ‘‘We fished every square inch of the lake using casting, spinning, and fly rods with equal success,’ Edmonston said.’
    • ‘Split bamboo fly rods from six to eight-and-a-half feet command the most attention while a longer rod by the same maker might be worth less than half as much in the collector market.’
    • ‘Artificial baits used with casting or spinning equipment or fly rods also will catch bass.’
    • ‘Along the lush path to the cottages is a wall full of fly rods, a nearly hidden pool surrounded by two hot tubs, and a court for the boccelike pétanque.’
    • ‘Takes were often violent and we really needed the power of that powerful fly rod to get the fish off of the bottom.’
    • ‘An 8-or 9-weight fly rod also works well - a good compromise between a light touch and a realistic tool.’
    • ‘My competence with a fly rod is on the low side of remarkable, but now the wind is screwing up my backcast.’
    • ‘Growing to over a hundred pounds, giant trevally are the snarling pit dogs of the ocean, and only a unwise man would use less than a 12-weight fly rod in their pursuit.’
    • ‘Incidentally, this would also make an excellent pike fly rod.’
    • ‘We always have one of our customized guns, bows or fly rods on display with other high-end items.’
    • ‘My fly rod curled over like a hyperactive question mark.’
    • ‘Then, he took the spare fly rod from her hands and returned to his spot on the shoreline.’
    • ‘In this 1925 story, Adams walks out of that burn, away from his nameless anxieties, carrying a fly rod.’