Definition of fly agaric in US English:

fly agaric


  • A poisonous toadstool which has a red cap with fluffy white spots, growing particularly among birch trees. It contains hallucinogenic alkaloids and has long been used by the indigenous peoples of northeastern Siberia.

    Amanita muscaria, family Amanitaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    • ‘The fly agaric or fairy toadstool grows here too, especially under birch along with other woodland fungi.’
    • ‘It is possible that hallucinogens, for example fly agaric, were used to bring on this state of mind.’
    • ‘I've smoked some before years ago, had the same effect as smoking fly agaric's I thought.’
    • ‘Numerous times you have been taken to the intensive care unit for eating fly agaric…’
    • ‘We are walking up a woodland path and pause to look at a group of fly agarics; the red-and-white spotted ones popular with fishing gnomes in the gardens of suburbia.’


fly agaric

/flaɪ ˈæɡərɪk/