Definition of fly-in in US English:



  • 1A meeting for pilots who arrive by air.

    ‘they are holding a helicopter fly-in’
    • ‘To them, I was just a face in the crowd that always showed up for the fly-in.’
    • ‘Late last year I attended the fly-in at Finger Lakes Arrow-sports in upstate New York where I was lucky enough to take a class taught by Mike Barber and Dennis Pagan.’
    • ‘Some people take their airplanes to fly-ins for the purpose of selling to a larger audience.’
    • ‘Since we wanted to photograph the first production Bicker, Steve invited us to attend the annual Bicker fly-in which was being held at Santa Paula this past July.’
    • ‘Even better, I was able to share the plane with hundreds of people at the fly-ins and give rides to 20 people in the 80-plus hours I have flown it so far.’
    • ‘Under consideration is the construction of campground facilities to permit Flabob to be a destination for smaller fly-ins, such as those held by vintage aircraft-type clubs.’
    • ‘I started going to fly-ins and joined the EAA in 1954.’
    • ‘The weather overhead North Island was perfect for the first fly-in, and the event went flawlessly.’
    • ‘During the past seven years the Mid West Aero Club's annual fly-in event has gone from strength to strength - this year has proved no different.’
    • ‘The problem with places like Johnson Creek and Smiley Creek is that you'll seldom be alone there, and on a nice summer weekend, it can be like a fly-in.’
    • ‘The comp format is open distance, and there are fun fly-in events planned every day too.’
    • ‘I wonder if a larger scale national fly-in (of families with second generation pilots) would be of interest to anyone?’
    • ‘I took the airplane to the fly-in at Bartlesville, Okla., and won the Contemporary Class Award with it.’
    • ‘I planned to go to the 2000 fly-in at Antique Airfield the first of September where I got to meet my old friend again.’
    • ‘It's a great source of information when it comes to purchasing, maintaining and buying parts for the airplane, not to mention the camaraderie that develops from scheduled fly-ins and meetings.’
    • ‘They hope to hold it in conjunction with one of the two 2004 national fly-ins, the one obviously at the flight park.’
    • ‘And locally, there are poker derbies and other fly-in events, so there's always something to be up in the air about.’
    1. 1.1 An act of transporting people or goods by air.
      ‘one or two fly-ins to remote lakes’
      • ‘They easily slide into a bag or backpack, and come with molded tie-down loops that fasten to any sturdy object - perfect for weekend fly-ins.’
    2. 1.2as modifier Denoting a place or activity which is reached using an aircraft.
      ‘fly-in canoe trips’
      • ‘The fly-in community has not pleased all the locals, however.’
      • ‘If they're going to start turning this into a contractor-based camp or fly-in town there's no point in me staying is there?’
      • ‘The fly-in community of about 350 residents is no stranger to tragedy.’
      • ‘And like most fly-in weddings, the weekend was purposely jam packed with activities and events.’
      • ‘Anderson's physical strength and skills in trapping, hunting and fishing are legendary among those of her generation in Kitchenuhmaykoosib, a fly-in community 440 km northeast of Sioux Lookout.’
      • ‘It was here, in 1977, that Louw Schoeman, a former diamond prospector-turned-tour operator, started Namibia's first fly-in safaris, exploring a region he knew better than anyone.’
      • ‘Jet Skis, honkin’ powerboats and expensive fly-in fishing lodges probably have him spinning in his grave.’
      • ‘It features more than 1300 fly-in restaurants, as well as articles, aviation museums, resorts and airport information.’