Definition of fluxional in US English:



  • 1Subject to flux.

    • ‘This indicates that the helix is probably fluxional even when the receptor is not activated.’
    • ‘The major contribution to this CRMS is the low-resolution loop region, which is likely to be quite fluxional and may be very different between crystal and solution.’
    flowing, able to flow easily
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  • 2Mathematics
    dated Relating to fluxions.

    • ‘Berkeley's arguments are directed chiefly against the Newtonian fluxional calculus.’
    • ‘The second version occurs as Corollary 2 to Proposition 7 and was thought of as a method of expanding solutions of fluxional equations in infinite series.’
    • ‘The mathematics curriculum grew accordingly to include algebra, trigonometry, and sometimes even Newton's fluxional calculus.’