Definition of flutter kick in US English:

flutter kick


  • A brisk, alternating, up-and-down movement of the legs when swimming with certain strokes, such as the crawl.

    • ‘Kick variations included different multiples of scissors kicks or alternating scissors and flutter kicks.’
    • ‘When flutter kicks and dog paddles occur, the teacher must back up a step and make sure that proper rhythm, speed and amplitude are present.’
    • ‘From there, it changed into the flutter kick, and seventy-five yards later, emerged doing the front crawl freestyle.’
    • ‘Prone flutter kicks can cause back hyperextension when the head is held out of the water.’
    • ‘We swim with breaststroke arms and either dolphin or flutter kick.’
    • ‘Another drill that can aid in the acceleration for recovery is swimming butterfly with a flutter kick.’
    • ‘The crawl stroke, with flutter kick, had been introduced into competitive swimming a few years earlier by another Aussie.’
    • ‘It was the kind of open-water course that required exactly the kind of swimming Kahanamoku did best-the Australian freestyle crawl with a deep flutter kick.’
    • ‘Natural breaststrokers have a tough time with flutter kick, because their feet turn out, often without the swimmer realizing it.’
    • ‘The slightest mistake reinforces that detail by sending the students into a series of exercises, the least of which is the dreaded flutter kick.’
    • ‘Ike and Steve (who today heads Daytona Beach Speed Swimming), recognized Ryan's talents early on-even before their son could differentiate a dolphin kick from a flutter kick.’
    • ‘I would also hold on to the side of the pool and do flutter kicks, and gradually work up to swimming laps.’
    • ‘Yes, Virginia, there is more to life than catch-up drills and flutter kick.’