Definition of fluidize in US English:


(British fluidise)


[with object]technical
  • Cause (a finely divided solid) to acquire the characteristics of a fluid by passing a gas upward through it.

    • ‘In this instance a greater pressure differential is established, higher flow rates ensue, and a larger volume of sediment can be fluidized.’
    • ‘In most basins sands that can be fluidized are interbedded with ‘leaky’ shales of high permeability (for shales) that do not sustain high overpressure during normal compaction.’
    • ‘A sandstone dyke can form at any depth provided there is a source of non-cemented sand that can be fluidized.’
    • ‘They occur when a layer of unconsolidated sediment is fluidized and transport of fluid and suspended grains takes place through overlying sediment to the sediment-water interface.’
    • ‘Fluidization experiments show that as flow velocities increase small grains can be carried through fluidizing beds containing a mixture of coarse and fine grains.’