Definition of fluidity in US English:



  • 1The ability of a substance to flow easily.

    ‘lead especially assists in the fluidity of the molten metal’
    • ‘They created an image of fluidity with colored strings arranged in swags dropped from the ceiling.’
    • ‘Water possesses color, taste, touch, and fluidity.’
    • ‘One sees the weight of a block of cast iron sinking in the sand, the fluidity of water, and the viscosity of syrup.’
    • ‘The frozen fluidity of blown glass captures something of the organic dynamism of plant life.’
    • ‘He aims for a soft, blurry touch perfectly served by the fluidity of oil.’
    • ‘The whey powder is guaranteed to retain its granular fluidity in very humid conditions.’
    • ‘The pseudo-solid phase comprises bundles of crystal aggregates and has no fluidity.’
    • ‘There is no material difference in the fluidity of a betaine solution whether the pH is 5.0 or 4.6.’
    • ‘Her body is poured into the movement with the heat and fluidity of molten glass.’
    • ‘He knows the forms of yellow, weight, ductility, fixity, fluidity, solution, and so on, and the methods for superinducing them.’
    1. 1.1 Smooth elegance or grace.
      ‘they moved with supreme skill and graceful fluidity’
      • ‘The movement, fluidity, and gracefulness of the human body contain the same lines and curves and feelings of my florals.’
      • ‘As a nod to the contemporary lifestyle of the owners, and to add a sense of fluidity and lightness, most of the ground floor is open in plan.’
      • ‘It is a piece that allows the dancers to execute fluidity, speed, shape, and the dynamic of performance dance.’
      • ‘He constructs a cascade of stories that bleed into each other with a baffling, hypnotic fluidity.’
      • ‘Its look has been likened to rotoscoping, but it feels more solid, less amorphous, and yet it moves with greater fluidity.’
      • ‘A dancer of exquisite instincts and a first-rate actress, she fills the astonishing fluidity of her movements with richly communicated personality.’
      • ‘Toward the finish, they regain their fluidity, even dance in couples—what could be more human than that?’
      • ‘The fluidity of the path into and out of the facility is one of its greatest successes.’
      • ‘The congenial figurines combine favored features of extant ceramics with postures and expressions of enhanced fluidity and liveliness.’
      • ‘There is a fluidity of movement between them that enables the subjective experience of social interactions to occur in all domains simultaneously.’
    2. 1.2 The state of being unsettled or unstable; changeability.
      ‘tactical considerations can change rapidly given the fluidity of the situation’
      • ‘Such tactical considerations can change rapidly, given the fluidity of the situation and the political recklessness and bellicosity that characterized his administration.’
      • ‘Closer scrutiny reveals their raw, uncanny ability to represent the complexity and fluidity of human identity.’
      • ‘In today's Times, he writes about the fluidity of the American religious experience.’
      • ‘The fluidity of the historical traditions makes it impossible to sketch a definitive picture of "folk history."’
      • ‘This eclecticism has often been confused with tokenism, but it speaks to the growing cultural fluidity of the postmodern times in which we live.’
      • ‘Time does not permit, nor—given the fluidity of the political process—is there much point at this stage, getting involved with the devils in the detail.’
      • ‘The fluidity of ideas leads to a disorientation of familiar assumptions.’
      • ‘Depicting such a range of knowledge and experience underscores the fluidity of the ethnic child's identity as well as the child's ability to traverse boundaries imaginatively.’
      • ‘Most people don't really understand the extraordinary fluidity of the editorial process.’
      • ‘The fluidity of the game is anything but constant.’