Definition of fluid ounce in US English:

fluid ounce

(also fl. oz.)


  • 1US A unit of capacity equal to one sixteenth of a US pint (approximately 0.03 liter).

    • ‘‘We track every fluid ounce through this operation,’ says Taylor.’
    • ‘Applicants must produce less than two fluid ounces of sweat per day on average.’
    • ‘Two eight fluid ounce servings a day can help lower cholesterol levels.’
    • ‘After forcing it down his throat, he gulped down 24 fluid ounces of water before slamming the empty bottle onto the table and sighing contentedly.’
    • ‘We suggest the round figure of one fluid ounce for each kilogram of bodyweight daily.’
    • ‘Offered in a 10-pack of 1.75 fluid ounce pops in three flavor combinations, cherry/fruit punch, cherry/lemon and orange/cherry, the product will have national distribution and a suggested retail price of $2.49.’
    • ‘Usual dose is one to 10 drops in four fluid ounces of water.’
    • ‘Once you realize that this is going to be a creature feature, a vixen vampire saga without one fluid ounce of creepy claret, you'll immediately understand why this is a mere excuse for eeriness.’
    • ‘The flush is done by over-filling the system with a solution of 10 fluid ounces of 5 percent chlorine per 40 gal of water.’
    • ‘The lowest recommended use rate is now 40 fluid ounces / acre.’
    • ‘The average person can satisfy fluid needs by drinking pint of water about 2 hours before exercising and continuing to drink 4 to 8 fluid ounces every 20 minutes or so during exercise.’
    • ‘Figure how many fluid ounces are contained in a carton or multi-pack.’
    • ‘The product is sold as a four-pack of single-serve bottles, containing 3.3 fluid ounces of a dairy-based, probiotic supplement beverage.’
    • ‘The shampoo is packaged in in the traditional Phyto glass shampoo bottle and contains 6.7 fluid ounces.’
    • ‘Put the dates in a bowl with the bicarbonate of soda and cover with 7 fluid ounces of boiling water.’
    • ‘For example, if you want to add 1 ounce of retarder per 100 pounds of cement, and are using a 6-bag mix, the amount of retarding admixture needed for 1 cubic yard of concrete is 5.6 fluid ounces.’
    • ‘And, finally, to answer the question perplexing all of Doc's readers, ‘venti’ is Italian for ‘twenty’ and refers to the number of fluid ounces the largest cup holds.’
  • 2British A unit of capacity equal to one twentieth of a pint (approximately 0.028 liter).

    • ‘In the blinking of an eye, and without measuring anything or even mentioning fluid ounces, he poured a pile of flour into the bowl, and started whisking it with my manly whisk.’
    • ‘I had just carefully poured myself a beer, and was holding the glass in front of me, when the bottom fell cleanly off the glass and twelve fluid ounces of Sam Adams Vienna Style Lager landed on the carpet.’
    • ‘From the perspective of modern science as well, drinking about one-half of your weight in fluid ounces of water each day is essential for health.’
    • ‘Connie said the 11.6 fluid ounces of dark ale, bottled in 1977, is not much to her taste as she prefers a cold Fosters lager with a Bailey's Irish Cream chaser.’
    • ‘A total of 642 fluid ounces were put to hatch at the facility and the resulting eye ova will be stocked out at appropriate locations in the river in due course.’
    • ‘A dose of four fluid ounces is enough to scare away feeding sharks, keeping them away from a fish head for two hours with just a few drops a minute.’
    • ‘The beauty of this scale is that not only can you switch between kilograms and pounds, it also copes with measuring liquids in fluid ounces or millilitres.’
    • ‘Costs ranged from one dollar to twenty-eight dollars a fluid ounce.’
    • ‘A canteen cup from those days (I have one) holds about 16 fluid ounces, roughly 500 milliliters.’
    • ‘Darwin described how some primitive peoples would pick up a large toad, gently squeeze it, and be rewarded with several fluid ounces of almost pure water.’
    • ‘How anyone dreamed up a system where 20 fluid ounces makes one pint, 437.5 grains makes one ounce and 1,760 yards makes one mile is beyond us.’
    • ‘An extra 2 fluid ounces a day of any soft drink will increase your weight by around 3 lb each year.’
    • ‘But when I buy an espresso from a coffee bar I expect the real McCoy, not cheap powder whisked feebly into two fluid ounces of hot water.’
    • ‘At the 14 fluid ounce or 0.4l pack size, aluminium cans were and are highly competitive, but were felt by the brewers to be unsuitable for premium beers.’
    • ‘Twelve fluid ounces of carbonated water, sweetener, flavour additives, colour additives and a dash of caffeine has defined the firm as a constant amid change and made its shareholders rich.’


fluid ounce

/ˈˌflo͞oid ˈˌouns//ˈˌfluɪd ˈˌaʊns/