Definition of flue-cure in US English:



[with object]often as adjective flue-cured
  • Cure (tobacco) using heat from pipes or flues connected to a furnace.

    ‘flue-cured leaves were increasingly popular with tobacco chewers’
    • ‘Once the world's largest exporter of flue-cured tobacco, this year's crop is expected to be just 1/4 of the crop in 2000.’
    • ‘It seems that mineralization of soil N during late growth stages might contribute to high N contents and nicotine concentrations in flue-cured tobacco.’
    • ‘At this point of balance, speaking about Chinese smokers who are already in the habit of smoking Chinese style flue-cured tobacco, the choice is for low tar, low hazard cigarettes.’
    • ‘The company repeatedly showed signs of creativity, including introducing flue-cured tobacco to its South Georgia service territory and installing primitive wind generators on its cabooses for electric lighting.’
    • ‘His flue-curing barn, a huge oven built out of bamboo, clay, straw, and water buffalo dung, is the last one standing in Baay a Bassit, a village nestled among bamboo groves near the town of Batac.’
    • ‘‘Our company will support the establishment of tree nurseries by individual growers to raise and plant trees for their crop flue-cured tobacco this coming growing season 2004 / 05,’ Mr Rusch said.’