Definition of flowered in US English:



  • 1(especially of fabric or a garment) having a floral design.

    ‘flowered curtains’
    • ‘The collection included brightly dyed fox fur boleros, neat cardigans, or ribbon decorated sweaters worn with flowered skirts teamed with dainty accessories such as her heart shaped bag.’
    • ‘Flipping the scroll open, the flowered designs in green and silver flashing in the light he had created, his left hand flew towards his face, remaining about an inch before his nose as he began to chant.’
    • ‘The curtains were white muslin with a flowered border that matched the designs on the doors.’
    • ‘Of course people have noticed before that Matisse posed his models in flimsy, filmy harem pants on divans and cushions covered with flowered or striped stuffs against fabric screens and curtains.’
    • ‘It was a private room, pretty, with flowered curtains and a view of the lake over the buildings that made up our big city, where this huge general hospital was located.’
    • ‘It was red and decorated with small flowered patterns.’
    • ‘Light pooled from the lamps set about the room, bringing out the bright hues in the flowered carpet.’
    • ‘The sunlight, which had blazed brightly against the flowered wallpaper, began to fade from brilliant white to gold to rose.’
    • ‘I must be over reacting, I told myself, and picked out a flowered skirt and purple shirt to wear to the daycare where I worked.’
    • ‘With wall-to-wall white carpeting and ceiling-to-floor flowered curtains running along two sides of the room, the place had a homey ambience.’
    • ‘He wore a brightly flowered shirt and a pair of loose, tan slacks.’
    • ‘In the middle of the far wall was a window, with flowered curtains.’
    • ‘In Dylan's day most of the walls were decorated with flowered paper, and there were plaster reproductions of Greek statues about the place, displayed by cultured D.J.’
    • ‘Enchanted, he spun on one heel, tracking a perky blonde coed in a bright flowered skirt.’
    • ‘It's not the most convenient location and it's not much to look at either: fluorescent lighting, a couple of booths with flowered upholstery and a few inexplicable Dutch ornaments on the walls.’
    • ‘And I pulled out some of the best stuff - a gumball machine, a flowered picture frame and a Princess Amidala action figure - for a display on the table.’
    • ‘He took me to the sanctum of the whole church, where the chapel was and I stared at the bright rosaries and the flowered stained windows.’
    • ‘One of the scenes has a black-haired woman on a flowered blanket, her pink floral housecoat thrown open, her eyebrows raised and teeth clenched as she leans back on one elbow.’
    • ‘The mother, in a flowered dress and an open black coat, looks toward the sky as she holds the girl's hand; the daughter, in black Mary Janes and white anklets, frowns with worry.’
    • ‘Summer is tailor-made for soft pastel colours, tiny flowered tops on loose baggy slacks and sleeveless or strappy evening numbers.’
  • 2in combination (of a plant) bearing flowers of a specified kind or number.

    ‘yellow-flowered japonica’