Definition of flow chart in US English:

flow chart

(also flowchart, flow diagram)


  • 1A diagram of the sequence of movements or actions of people or things involved in a complex system or activity.

    • ‘It's a completely personal and non-scientific flow chart of associations that seem to make little sense from an objective point of view.’
    • ‘Te Brake utilizes several flow charts and diagrams to help us visualize various political trajectories, and these can be useful, but in the end they really do not tell us much more than what we already knew.’
    • ‘Once the idea for the book was laid out, she drew up a flow chart and started making assignments for Prieboy.’
    • ‘What follows can only be conveyed via complicated flow chart.’
    • ‘The walls of their project rooms are soon plastered with imagery, diagrams, flow charts, and other ephemera.’
    • ‘We have an extensive flow chart specifically designed for fire evacuation (our biggest concern).’
    • ‘There is also a large coloured flow diagram which clearly shows how the engines work.’
    • ‘You can't read them without making a flow chart showing each justice's position first.’
    • ‘A flow chart setting out the guidance has been produced by the group and copies have been given out to York secondary schools.’
    • ‘After completing the flow chart, team members should solicit input from other people involved in the process or, if necessary, observe the process.’
    • ‘Perhaps my question should have been: do all those stages on the flow diagram have to be there?’
    • ‘Visual elements of learning, including charts, graphs, bullet points or flow charts, were imperative to activity-based learning, she said.’
    • ‘The next step is to take the flow chart on page 14 and use these series of questions to incorporate each feature into your camp setting.’
    • ‘In this flow chart, you see here, the principal deputy director now reports to the director of national intelligence.’
    • ‘So, that was where we started, but we didn't really have a rational approach to sitting down with a flow chart and figuring out ‘this is what audience tastes are and this is where our personalities overlap’.’
    • ‘Failure mode and effects analysis examines processes, materials, methods, equipment, and the environment with flow charts and cause-effect diagrams.’
    • ‘By now, everyone should be able to do a flow chart or a diagram describing the whole process.’
    • ‘As it is, the answer to the C.I.A. insubordination is not just to move a few boxes on the office flow chart.’
    • ‘In particular, I had to examine a flow chart on page 53.’
    • ‘Faculty have tried mind maps, archetypes, loop diagrams, flow diagrams, and systems maps or rich pictures described briefly in Table 1.’
    1. 1.1 A graphical representation of a computer program in relation to its sequence of functions (as distinct from the data it processes).
      • ‘I believe the main flaw of textbook TCM is the way it has apparently reduced the therapeutic process to something akin to a computer flow chart.’
      • ‘The model is given a graphic representation in a flow chart format.’
      • ‘Another window shows what happened while the program was running, with a flow chart and timeline.’
      • ‘I clicked on an icon, triggering a flow chart that illustrated their organizational relationship.’
      • ‘Should IA be done in a flow chart program or what?’
      graph, table, tabulation, grid, histogram, diagram, guide, scheme, figure, illustration
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flow chart

/ˈfloʊ ˌtʃɑrt//ˈflō ˌCHärt/