Definition of floury in US English:



  • 1Covered with flour.

    ‘Maggie wiped her floury hands on her apron’
    • ‘Skinny held two floury fingers to his forehead in a salute.’
    • ‘The bhajis were small, tasty and not too floury.’
    • ‘There are two fresh pastas, a floury wooden tray of fettuccine and a metal one of ravioli sitting in a cold cabinet.’
    • ‘The chicken was tasty and well-cooked, leaving me to mix up concoctions of guacamole, sour cream, salsa and grated cheese in the warm, floury fajitas.’
    • ‘‘Hello, Tale,’ Tamber wiped her brow with the back of her floury hands.’
    • ‘It came with a hunk of floury, earthy bread - my only complaint being the absence of butter, which I had to ask for.’
    • ‘His quest for salvation could only be aided by her loving, floury hands, and her suburban lifestyle and conservatory existence would welcome a hip - swivelling injection of true rock and roll.’
    • ‘Marie hurried out into the main room, dusting her floury hands off on her apron as soon as Hoss' voice called her name.’
    • ‘The floury glob hit a surprised Adam squarely in the face.’
    • ‘One hand wiped itself on her floury apron while its mate attempted to smooth the flyaways circling her face.’
    • ‘I smiled at her flashy red sundress she wore under her floury apron and the studs lining her ear lobes.’
    fine, dry, fine-grained, powder-like, dusty, chalky, mealy, sandy, crumbly, friable, granulated, granular
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    1. 1.1 Of or resembling flour.
      ‘floury white makeup’
      • ‘The tortillas proved a little too dry and floury, and while the sauce on the ola was a disappointment, the salsa was worthwhile.’
      • ‘These elements are fresh, but the salad is doused with bottled dressing - all-natural and organic but still carrying that floury, chemical taste.’
      • ‘The seafood chowder is crammed full of haddock, pollock and shellfish, but what raises it above the standard is the lack of floury undertones.’
      • ‘The main point of concern beyond suspension is to ensure that no floury or chalky mouthfeel is induced in the final product.’
      • ‘Despite Dr Kelly's protestations we found the pastie rather bland and floury; a meagre serving of chips also brought the score down.’
      • ‘I didn't like the batter - it was floury and unflavorful.’
      • ‘Wheat bread serves up healthy amounts of fiber, B vitamins and iron, instead of the processed floury contents that white bread offers.’
      • ‘Not only does their floury heartiness inherently make them a comfort food, but they lend themselves to a variety of simple dishes and rarely require much hassle.’
      • ‘The warm, floury pancakes were filled with chunks of tender chicken dressed in a tangy tomato sauce.’
      • ‘I, having a weakness for anything floury and starchy, went for the kreppa, a kind of Greek pancake with a mushroom filling and cheese topping.’
      • ‘Clay subsoil should feel sticky, slippery and a bit greasy (in contrast, silt and organic matter feel floury and crumbly).’
      • ‘Filo is popular with cooks who can't make any other kind of classical pastry - it can be made to look pretty even though it is intrinsically floury and tasteless.’