Definition of flourishing in US English:



  • Developing rapidly and successfully; thriving.

    ‘a flourishing career’
    • ‘The most flourishing modern art establishment in the world today is the Tate in London.’
    • ‘In 1960 he moved to Cornwall, where a flourishing art community had developed around the small sea-side town of St Ives.’
    • ‘The Andrews family lived on the Huirangi property, which had flourishing gardens.’
    • ‘Clearly, no amount of planning guarantees a flourishing institution or a successful presidency.’
    • ‘Within a year, Anderson had a flourishing business.’
    • ‘Berlin was an inveterate correspondent, living during the last great flourishing of letter writing.’
    • ‘The flourishing black market, which the Germans found impossible to suppress, was a lifeline for many.’
    • ‘The school is in a very flourishing condition, with an average attendance of sixty-five.’
    • ‘Howard is not about to do anything to upset these flourishing relations.’
    • ‘The year 2003 is shaping up to be a banner twelve months for the flourishing world of the genre small press.’
    • ‘He came to San Francisco in 1951 at the height of a flourishing jazz scene.’
    • ‘Amsterdam, the flourishing center of international maritime trade, was an ideal location for a collector of natural curios.’
    • ‘Popular culture is now a flourishing area of research.’
    • ‘Both can be important constituents of a flourishing life.’
    • ‘Even larger journals with flourishing revenue streams might be adversely affected.’
    • ‘Still on a high from the previous weeks performance against Carrickcruppen, Whitecross continued in a similar flourishing form against the Lurgan club.’
    • ‘This area is known to have supported a flourishing culture in the centuries preceding Christianity.’
    • ‘There is also a flourishing trade of used equipment here.’
    • ‘Many universities already have flourishing programmes to help forge links with local schools.’
    • ‘Famous outside of Asia for its martial arts films, 1960s Hong Kong cinema also saw a flourishing musical genre.’