Definition of flotation tank in US English:

flotation tank


  • A lightproof, soundproof tank of salt water in which a person floats as a form of deep relaxation.

    • ‘Paradise Australian-style is miles of pristine sand, whipbirds at dawn and a flotation tank across from Woolworth's.’
    • ‘One beautician based at the Rainbow Room in Glasgow said that the salon's flotation tank had proved particularly popular.’
    • ‘Has anyone tried flotation tanks or sensory deprivation?’
    • ‘Though the harmonic devices remain pretty much unchanged, the softer, recessed electronic textures and a greater use of silence offer a deep listening experience that rivals the best flotation tank.’
    • ‘We all inflate our BCs, remove our regs to check the echo, and decide that this is better than any flotation tank or rebirthing experience could ever be.’
    • ‘But there are few other places imaginable that are more conducive to complete relaxation than a flotation tank.’
    • ‘It invokes a dreamlike state, rather like being in a flotation tank.’
    • ‘The darkness and the warmth and the weightlessness were combining to hypnotise me: I was reminded of my experience of sensory deprivation in the flotation tank in Notting Hill.’
    • ‘The abundance of massage therapists and flotation tanks bring the stressed-out urbanites.’
    • ‘Does anyone have a flotation tank I could borrow for a couple of days?’
    • ‘It looks the part until you hear about the anti-jetlag flotation tank and the everything-with-bells-on gym.’
    • ‘A flotation tank is like a huge bath, about the width and length of a king-size bed.’


flotation tank

/floʊˈteɪʃən tæŋk/