Definition of floristic in US English:



  • Relating to the study of the distribution of plants.

    • ‘However, a number of vascular floristic studies on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee in the past 40 years have increased our baseline botanical knowledge of this region.’
    • ‘This descriptive floristic study will provide foresters, biologists, educators, and KSNPC personnel with data on the flora and vegetation of the Preserve.’
    • ‘The analyzed data consisted strictly of the presence/absence of non-woody species, since many of the studies were floristic inventories and lacked measures of relative abundance.’
    • ‘Since 1971, eight floristic studies have contributed to our knowledge of the vascular flora of south Alabama.’
    • ‘The relative species richness of the Preserve was then compared to selected floristic studies from the Cumberland Plateau using the same species area curve.’