Definition of floribunda in US English:



  • A plant, especially a rose, which bears dense clusters of flowers.

    • ‘Though most of us think of a cut rose as a single flower on the end of a stem, roses that flower in clusters, like floribundas and some climbing roses, look great in vases.’
    • ‘Then, when the leaves turn brown after the first hard freeze, Tim and his staff cut their hybrid teas, grandifloras and floribundas back to about 15 inches.’
    • ‘If you do make a mistake with a hybrid tea, a floribunda or a shrub rose, it is not too much trouble to pull it up.’
    • ‘Choices may include climbing roses, floribundas, hybrid teas, and easy-care shrub roses.’
    • ‘This technique works like a charm for floribundas and grandifloras - roses that bloom on new growth.’
    • ‘Hybrid teas like ‘Double Delight,’ ‘Brigadoon’ and ‘Pristine’ are her favorites, although she has several grandifloras and floribundas mixed in.’
    • ‘Hybrid tea and floribundas are classified as bush roses.’
    • ‘They'll offer information on everything from pruning to combating disease, watering and feeding and care for the four different varieties of roses - standards, baby roses, hybrid teas and floribundas - featured at the Memorial Gardens.’
    • ‘If you want roses for cutting, try floribundas or hybrid teas.’
    • ‘Miniature Roses can grow like hybrid teas, with one bloom to a stem, or they can grow like floribundas, producing blooms in clusters.’
    • ‘For a spectacular specimen, choose a shrub rose or a floribunda.’
    • ‘When hybrid roses and floribundas became the staple of suburban front gardens, there was a rush to find authentic ‘old’ roses to replace them.’
    • ‘One of the roses presently undergoing trials at Dickson's is a floribunda with petals of deep plummy-purple.’
    • ‘Hybrid teas need to be cut back severely to promote fresh blooming growth; floribundas and grandifloras should also be shortened to about 18 to 24 inches.’
    • ‘For many varieties, particularly the old garden roses and many shrubs, climbers, and floribundas, the plants' natural system will prevent winter damage.’
    • ‘The blossoms and plants of floribundas are smaller than most hybrid teas, although some varieties bear flowers shaped like hybrid teas.’
    • ‘Roses grown primarily for flowers in the landscape, like big floribundas and shrubs, should be left higher, and pruned mainly to keep the plants confined to the space you allowed for them in the first place.’
    • ‘The rose gardens contain many commercially available roses, such as floribundas, grandifloras and hybrid tea roses.’
    • ‘Of those rose classes observed, hybrid teas, grandifloras, hybrid perpetuals, teas and chinas appear to be most affected, while floribundas, rugosas and polyanthas appear to be least affected.’
    • ‘A floribunda, generously covered with soft apricot flowers that repeat throughout the summer, it is worthy of a place in any garden.’


Late 19th century: modern Latin, feminine (used as a noun) of floribundus ‘freely flowering’, from Latin flos, flor- ‘flower’, influenced by Latin abundus ‘copious’.