Definition of florescence in English:



  • The process of flowering.

    ‘the Hieracia are erect throughout the process of florescence’
    figurative ‘a spectacular cultural florescence’
    • ‘The florescence yields a sap that is fermented into a toddy or into vinegar, or distilled into a coconut brandy called lambanog.’
    • ‘Above all, the attack itself reveals the florescence of a cultural phenomenon that has received almost no attention from anyone.’
    • ‘For me, the most exciting development for both fields is the florescence of internationally visible Asian and African contemporary art.’
    • ‘A new period of Sumerian florescence, splendidly documented in this exhibition, began.’
    • ‘Historically, economic boom times bring florescence in music and the arts, whether in the Florence of the Medici, Habsburg Vienna, or the France of Louis XIV.’
    • ‘He's the last survivor of the second generation of that miraculous florescence called the Haitian Renaissance.’
    • ‘The shopping retreat of another sector is lined with the florescence of yellow blossoms of kassod trees, which have the rare distinction of flowering in autumn.’
    • ‘While Fenggang Yang points out that in some cases, assimilation and ethnicity are not exclusive of each other, some studies suggest that generations later there is a florescence of new Asian identities within Christian organizations.’
    • ‘This time span covers the florescence of the Cahokian polity and the subsequent social and cultural realignment.’
    • ‘It was another dream of his that in recent years has gained breadth and credence with the florescence of the Montana Historical Society Press.’
    flower, bloom, floweret
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Late 18th century: from modern Latin florescentia, from Latin florescere ‘begin to flower’, based on flos, flor- ‘flower’.