Definition of floppy in US English:



  • Tending to hang or move in a limp, loose, or ungainly way.

    ‘the dog had floppy ears’
    ‘floppy hats’
    • ‘I instantly grew a floppy fringe, bought a combat jacket and started shuffling.’
    • ‘It turned out I was wrong - it was just yet another lanky type dressed incongruously in white shirt, blazer and jeans, and sporting that trademark upper-class floppy hair.’
    • ‘Bourbon looked at Farly, who looked just a little pitiful slumped on the couch, hands folded on his stomach, his soft, floppy ears hanging low on his head.’
    • ‘With an overflowing ice cream cone and floppy hat, she could be any three-year-old on holiday, playing with her sister on the shores of a Cornwall beach.’
    • ‘He is described as white, about 5ft 9in tall, in his early twenties, of stocky build, wearing a shirt with dark trousers and possibly a floppy hat.’
    • ‘He rushes forward and places a large floppy hat on Anne's head.’
    • ‘The floppy hat began life in 1982 as a standard white Gloucestershire sun hat.’
    • ‘The creature poked a tiny head out from under the bush, two huge floppy ears dangling to its feet.’
    • ‘Men have floppy hair, women floppy jumpers or hats (depending on the season).’
    • ‘Those who knew him best loved him for his honest opinions, his bright ideas, his funny and cynical view of the world, his cute smile that can light up any room and well, his floppy hair, among other things.’
    • ‘Straight off the express from the 1980s, they were sporting frilly shirts, velvet jackets and floppy hair in true new romantics style, but this band was no mere homage.’
    • ‘‘Hello, Addy,’ she gasps, clasping a tube to her lips, a big white floppy cricket hat hanging over her scalp.’
    • ‘I miss black turtle necks, floppy fringes, Talking Heads and two-party politics.’
    • ‘Childhood memories of mother are of her slumped on her canvas stool, painting, her face level with mine, porcelain skin shadowed by a floppy hat trailing grubby pink scarves.’
    • ‘The floppy jackets hung to their knees, the poplin shirts were advertisement white, the trousers were ankle tight, the shoes were good black leather, and the ties were narrow bows.’
    • ‘Nat stood a foot taller than Angie, with dark black floppy hair that hung over one of his deep blue eyes and with a slight build.’
    • ‘The floppy hair he had then has been shaved to a crew cut, which, along with his jeans and T-shirt, gives him a tough appearance that belies his warm - if slightly neurotic - personality.’
    • ‘Somehow I ended up in a brown sack with a floppy felt hat with a flower dangling off it.’
    • ‘Police described the offender as white, aged about 17, of thin build, with short, dark, floppy hair, protruding ears and a crooked nose.’
    • ‘And when I looked down at Luna, she looked up at me with her eyes sparkling because of the sun, her floppy ears dangling.’
    limp, flaccid, slack, flabby, relaxed
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  • short for floppy disk
    • ‘The latch seems to lock a bit more securely, but it's still possible to jiggle it loose too easily if you fully load it up with a floppy and two hard drives.’
    • ‘You can also boot from a rescue floppy or CD.’
    • ‘One floppy is created for a master node.’
    • ‘It's no different than a regular floppy or hard drive.’
    • ‘The 3.5-inch floppy quickly became a hot commodity that boasted a storage capacity of 1.44MB.’
    • ‘Images may be of floppies or of hard disks.’
    • ‘Then the infected floppy disks may infect other computers that boot from them, and the virus copy on the hard disk will try to infect still more floppies.’
    • ‘Similarly, you can't have two hard drives and a floppy, nor can you have dual optical drives.’
    • ‘If there is a floppy in the disk drive, remove it.’
    • ‘Turns out they had given him the program on 5.25 floppy, and he had carefully trimmed the disks down to fit.’
    • ‘Remove the CD and floppy before the machine reboots to avoid re-installation.’
    • ‘I ask her if she had maybe used another floppy to save her thesis to and she told me no, she took only that one with her.’
    • ‘Just after the main file systems are mounted, the boot process stops and asks for a formatted floppy.’
    • ‘I'm a writer and can do words on a page and I cut my computer writing teeth on a single disk WordPerfect floppy.’
    • ‘He scowled at the laptop, putting another floppy in.’
    • ‘They are read from and written to just like a large floppy or small hard drive.’
    • ‘Their engineers thought of a better way to store more data on their floppies.’
    • ‘While sifting through piles of my digital life last week, I stumbled across my installation floppies for Netscape Navigator from 1995.’
    • ‘High-end computer furniture pieces allow the user to lock up all the storage media such as floppies, compact discs and detachable storage devices.’
    • ‘Some of the computers had two floppy drives, some had only one.’