Definition of floorpan in US English:



  • The lower part of the body of a motor vehicle, forming the floor of the passenger compartment.

    • ‘The front subframe and floorpan are mated via slots and tabs to the side rings in this fixture, and joined by robotic welders.’
    • ‘The floorpan is done in thick steel with an arched design for stiffness, torsional rigidity and reduced cabin vibration.’
    • ‘To cut costs, the front seat is fixed to the floorpan, eliminating tracks, complex adjustment mechanisms and motors.’
    • ‘It has become car industry jargon to describe the drivetrain and floorpan of a monocoque car, especially when the layout is shared across several different models.’
    • ‘The floorpan is not as torsionally rigid as is the case in the best of the European rivals, nor is the suspension as stiffly mounted.’
    • ‘Chrysler redesigned the floorpan to include two bins to accommodate the folding rows.’
    • ‘The floorpan is joined to the front and rear structures, then the sideframes are welded up in a huge, dedicated framing station.’
    • ‘The floorpan's center section incorporates a ‘mode control panel’ that helps reduce road and chassis noise in the cabin.’
    • ‘Of course, it's based on the saloon car's floorpan, but from the door pillars back, all the body panels are different, and with an entire new roof and a revised rear subframe, the Estate is so much more than a saloon with a glazed box on the back.’
    • ‘The floor carpet is a single-piece item, moulded to suit the floorpan and, as such, there's nothing suitable from independent accessory shops.’
    • ‘On top of a roomier cabin, the specially-designed body pillars, rear floorpan and tailgate means a large boot.’
    • ‘But the car's ample dimensions and flat floorpan have enabled them to offer an interior bigger than any other car in this segment.’
    • ‘The underbody consists of three main elements: the motor compartment, floorpan, and rear compartment.’
    • ‘Parts of the floorpan and rear bulkhead are made of a honeycomb sandwich material typically used in F1 and aerospace applications.’
    • ‘And with the wagon, the floorpan is the same as the sedan, except for the rear section.’
    • ‘This utilizes the floorpan to anchor the exhaust and provide mechanical stability, obviating the need for the system to be self-supporting and allowing for the use of lighter weight materials.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, the kit car industry produced cars with bodies that resembled sports prototype racers but which were inevitably built on the floorpans of clapped out VWs.’
    • ‘Further increases in overall stiffness come from having the previously separate floorpan and outer body mouldings bonded together to form a semi-monocoque.’
    • ‘It is molded to the contours of the vehicle floorpan, and installs as a single unit.’
    • ‘Subframes and floorpans have holes like Meccano sets.’