Definition of floodwater in English:


(also floodwaters)


  • Water overflowing as the result of a flood.

    ‘trying to track the rising floodwaters and coordinate relief efforts’
    • ‘A family from Yorkshire was reunited yesterday, 24 hours after they were separated by floodwaters in the Cornish seaside disaster.’
    • ‘His charming wife Rita, who keeps the Po Valley floodwaters of her husband's conversation from overflowing, plumped for the foie gras and balsamic vinegar salad.’
    • ‘And it's interesting talking with them, you get the sense they've clearly been on this water and in these floodwaters for several days.’
    • ‘Municipal crews, homeowners and farmers across the Southeast spent an exhausting weekend desperately trying to cope with rapidly rising floodwaters.’
    • ‘The reason for the treaty in the first place was to force Mexico to give up the Rio Grande's potential, under the principle that the country with the headwaters gets the floodwaters.’
    • ‘He was stuck in a drainpipe, chest-deep in the rising floodwaters of Hurricane Floyd.’
    • ‘He'd come to regard the rising floodwater as a metaphor for his own life struggles, and now he looked depressed.’
    • ‘And Katrina could have churned the water in Lake Pontchartrain such that saltier water on the bottom of the lake got into the floodwater.’
    • ‘Although floodwaters receded slightly yesterday, authorities were watching rising water levels farther downstream on the Danube, Isar and Inn rivers.’
    • ‘They reduce the impact of ocean waves and absorb floodwaters.’
    • ‘You'll be glad to know that the story has a happy ending, with only several thousand Londoners drowning horribly in the rising floodwaters as a surge tide invades the capital.’
    • ‘Every year during the rainy season as the floodwater of the upper Zambezi River valley rises, the Lozi people make a ceremonial move to higher ground.’
    • ‘That rising floodwater also causing flooding in downtown, several feet deep in some areas.’
    • ‘Whether a camel is stuck in a gluggy saltpan, a vehicle is bogged on a giant sandhill, a party is running out of fuel or water, or guests are marooned on the wrong side of rising floodwaters, Rex can always find a solution.’
    • ‘Floodplain vegetation is often destroyed by the force of floodwaters or by materials transported by floods.’
    • ‘The floodwaters were overflowing the National Highway 31 at many places.’
    • ‘Uring had drawn a map of the lower Belize River, indicating the site, which he said was forty-two miles upriver on high banks above the floodwaters.’
    • ‘They had relocated to Biloxi, Mississippi, in hopes of avoiding the rising floodwaters.’
    • ‘Much of New Orleans is below sea level, so floodwaters will have to be pumped out.’
    • ‘Thousands more are still stranded, perching above the waters of the Limpopo in Gaza province and above the floodwaters of the Save river valley in Inhambane province.’