Definition of floatplane in US English:



  • An aircraft equipped with floats for landing on water; a seaplane.

    • ‘A little over one hour earlier, the floatplane had left Islandia, Peru, on the Amazon River and was en route to the group's mission base in Iquitos.’
    • ‘In 1994 Day began offering bear-viewing day trips using a chartered floatplane.’
    • ‘Skim a floatplane along the mirrored surface of a secluded mountain lake.’
    • ‘‘You can't go and rent floatplanes anymore, but I know everybody all over the country who does float training.’’
    • ‘His expertise has given the Centaur four exceptional advantages over conventional seaplanes and launches the floatplane into the 21st Century.’
    • ‘Your guides will have familiarized themselves with the river from a floatplane 200 feet above, so exercise patience when they shepherd you to the bank while scouting gnarly rapids.’
    • ‘When Alan Cobham delivered a Moth floatplane in the US, an agreement for production in America was reached.’
    • ‘As you bank over Washington's Hood Canal in a floatplane, you realize just how far 37 air miles have brought you.’
    • ‘A floatplane from Cordova has a smooth saltwater landing strip to the beach, with stony, pine-covered cliffs rising up on either side.’
    • ‘There have been numerous complaints of the orca rubbing against vessels and floatplanes and there is a growing concern that his behaviour may escalate aggressively.’
    • ‘I noticed the photograph of the Fleet floatplane on page 62 of the November 2004 issue.’
    • ‘After flying to the edge of the world, the floatplane touched down gently on a still mountain lake on the eastern boundary of Alaska's 700,000-acre Copper River Delta.’
    • ‘A floatplane will take you from South America's second-largest lake, Lago General Carrera, and deposit you for ten days of sea kayaking on a remote chain of five aqua-blue lakes surrounded by towering peaks in central Patagonia.’
    • ‘A tiny floatplane carries us for about an hour to a desolate, grassy, mosquito-ridden beach called Nunavachak.’
    • ‘Whether it's a floatplane running into the docks or simply keeping everyone happy, there's never a dull moment.’
    • ‘Earlier this month, Luna surfaced in the path of an oncoming floatplane.’
    • ‘On page 57 of the March 2004 issue, I noticed a photograph credited to Oliver Philips which shows the wreckage of a Fairchild 24 floatplane.’
    • ‘Day's tours have become so popular that two years ago she bought her own Dehavilland Otter floatplane.’
    • ‘Suddenly, with a roar of seemingly new-found energy, the floatplane pulled free from the water and climbed rapidly.’
    • ‘After some thought, the Navy gave up the idea of retractable gear and instead specified that the aircraft would be floatplanes but could be converted to land gear in a short period of time.’