Definition of floating dock in US English:

floating dock


  • A submersible floating structure used as a dry dock.

    • ‘The Foudre class has a 13,000m³ well dock which can be used as a floating dock or to carry land vehicles.’
    • ‘Another model portrayed a more elaborate method of careening a ship using an enormous floating dock with a set of capstans to pull a hull onto one side.’
    • ‘Carly lay on her belly, risking splinters from the rough wooden planks of the sunwashed floating dock.’
    • ‘Each vessel could transport 100 passengers and 50 cyclists along the shoreline or across the river with the help of floating docks connected to a ramp from shore, a project he estimates could be accomplished for $30-million.’
    • ‘Though Barth had found the floating dock as comfortable and unsteady as the deck of the sea nymph's yacht, sturdy and stable ground was another matter.’
    • ‘These were formerly used by the US military for a variety of purposes, including the erection of temporary bridges, use as barges singly or in tandem, floating docks, piers, diving platforms, etc.’
    • ‘Sometimes alligators haul themselves out on the floating dock I'm standing on.’
    • ‘At the outbreak of the Second World War the port, with its large graving and floating docks, became a naval base and later an Admiralty dockyard.’
    • ‘Tempest audiences will be seated offshore on floating docks donated by Ontario Place.’
    • ‘But early on this particular morning there was only one person in the park; he had parked his van at the top of the road (the gates having closed at 11 pm) and walked down to the floating docks.’
    • ‘The 16,000-ton landing ship was built in sections over the past two years, and assembled in the floating dock.’
    • ‘On the river, a dozen small boats, called bridge erection boats, take off from a floating dock.’
    • ‘Set some ground rules about what is expected from your kids - they all love to get behind the wheel but once they are on a floating dock they must hold your hand.’
    • ‘Facilities on-site in Whittier will include a 20,000-square-foot terminal and a floating dock.’
    • ‘The floating dock is capable of servicing ships in the category of 35,000-49,000 dead weight tons, and can be expanded to service ships in the range of 60,000-70,000 dead weight tons.’
    • ‘Our test site offered a sandy beach ideal for easy entry to the water and a floating dock of adequate height to simulate a boat's freeboard.’
    • ‘The tide was out, and the plank between the Wharf and the floating dock slanted sharply, still slippery from the squall of the previous day.’
    • ‘Companies such as Jet Float make UV stable plastic floating docks that can be used in place of their traditional wooden counterparts.’
    • ‘In April 1944 she was sent to destroy floating docks in Bergen.’
    • ‘In the last year, with the addition of the 2nd floating dock in February this year, the ship repair business has effectively doubled.’


floating dock

/ˈflōdiNG däk/