Definition of float valve in US English:

float valve


  • another term for ball valve
    • ‘Not sure if you use swamp coolers down under, but the float valve is similar to what is in the tank of your toilet (except much smaller) to regulate water flow.’
    • ‘For hanging coat hooks, tightening door hinges and replacing washers in the toilet-tank float valve you'll need a set of screwdrivers.’
    • ‘We installed float valves and shut-off valves so I can clean the troughs or drain the system in winter if necessary.’
    • ‘The float valve in the brine tank (inside plastic pipe) also can get clogged up with salt residue.’
    • ‘This 30-foot steel tube with a float valve on the top enabled Affray to run underwater on her diesel engines.’
    • ‘Other folks have crafted chicken-sized troughs with float valves and supply them with water from hose lines or 55-gallon drums set up on a portable wagon that can be moved around the pasture with the birds.’