Definition of float arm in US English:

float arm


  • The hinged arm attached to the ball float in the ballcock of a toilet tank.

    • ‘If lifting the ball up stops the water from running, try to bend the float arm down to get the right buoyancy.’
    • ‘This limits the space needed for the float arm to arc (it's not unusual for them to get hung up in a saddlebag tank) it forces the use of two sensors, and a wide arc is needed to provide enough force to operate the resistive element.’
    • ‘For most plunger or diaphragm type fill valves that have a float ball on the end of a brass float arm, bend the arm downward a little to lower the water level; bend upward to raise it.’
    • ‘The common ballcock is the plunger-valve ballcock with the float arm.’
    • ‘For a ball assembly, this is done by moving the float ball in or out on the float arm, and also moving the adjusting screw located where the float arm meets the valve assembly.’