Definition of flip chart in US English:

flip chart


  • A large pad of paper bound so that each page can be turned over at the top to reveal the next, used on a stand at presentations.

    • ‘Software-based command centres have taken over the type of duties that would have involved blackboards, whiteboards and flip charts, and replaced them with an electronic data management tool.’
    • ‘The HR department books a nice hotel or a fancy resort, hires a cast of nonthreatening facilitators, rolls in some easels and flip charts - and the brainstorming begins.’
    • ‘During the frenzied final days before the presentation, groups of students (dressed in khakis or jeans) huddle around flip charts and laptops, hashing out their proposal.’
    • ‘Back then, this was pretty powerful, and he pulled out a little flip chart from his attaché case, and for 45 minutes he walked me through every battle doctrine.’
    • ‘Marker pens and flip charts might also be handy.’
    • ‘Next, the tour and product presentation is laid out in a flip chart format so the clients understand how the program works, what the time frame is for their goals and what they will be doing during each stage of the process.’
    • ‘Instead, the former Rotherham and Sheffield United boss used a flip chart yesterday afternoon to outline his game plan at the hotel the players stayed in last night.’
    • ‘Her head covered in a lacy black veil, she holds up a flip chart and slowly explains how to tick the box next to a candidate's name.’
    • ‘Using input from the two parties, the mediator lists the points at issue on a flip chart or white board.’
    • ‘Suitable flip charts or a whiteboard should be used for recording the proceedings.’
    • ‘They hole up in a room with lots of flip charts and go to work.’
    • ‘There are already rumours of group hugs, slogans, primal screaming and wanton use of flip charts, just before the Two Minutes' Hate.’
    • ‘Bob Moses stands at the front of the spare white room, taping sheets of newsprint to a flip chart.’
    • ‘However, after that seminar with the flip chart, and the unusual theories about race, an American corporate lawyer muttered, ‘Well, that wasn't like the presentation we got at the Dutch embassy.’’
    • ‘Yesterday, at a meeting with the gallery directors, I realised as I was writing on a flip chart how bad my English spelling had become.’
    • ‘Before the last flip chart had been folded and put away, the debate about organizing the next gathering - a US social forum - was under way.’
    • ‘But frankly, it's a dead basic cafe that straddles the upper landing and one of its ante-rooms with a flip chart for a menu and a micro - kitchenette for cooking.’
    • ‘Simon carried his bag of what-nots in with him and clicked his fingers and instantly the flip charts were standing, the projector screen was up and the room was set to stun.’
    • ‘Now the furniture, which includes desks, chairs, flip charts, storage cupboards, bookshelves, stationery and a camera security system, will find a new home in York classrooms.’
    • ‘While writing series two they used a flip chart and are now feeling aggrieved that they didn't have a white board.’


flip chart

/ˈflɪp ˌtʃɑrt/