Definition of flip-top in US English:



  • attributive Denoting or having a lid or cover that can be easily opened by pulling, pushing, or flicking it with the fingers.

    ‘an accessory case with a clear flip-top lid’
    • ‘A flip-top pen case in brushed steel was a steal at • 1,500 and a manicure set in a small steel case was exquisite.’
    • ‘The flip-top packet in common use today was invented in America in the 1920s, but, oddly enough didn't make it across the Atlantic until the late 1950s, when Churchman's No.1 cigarettes were the first to feature the new-style packet.’
    • ‘The transplanted cells multiply, spreading normal pigment to the area after a few weeks, explains Leffell, who pioneered the procedure, called flip-top pigment transplantation.’
    • ‘They've got flip-top screens and can be used anywhere for movies on the go.’
    • ‘The foil-lined, flip-top cap incorporates an ‘Aroma Fresh Lock’ feature and makes resealing easy.’
    • ‘They do come with a flip-top wooden case for protection, because you wouldn't want to sit on glasses that cost more than your driver, would you?’
    • ‘Nestle Rowntree said it was also discarding the plastic disc opening on the old design in favor of a cardboard flip-top lid, as part of a makeover to ensure the brand remained ‘fresh and interesting’ to youngsters.’
    • ‘For those using handhelds out in the field, he suggests checking out flip-top models and hard cases that offer protection from pens, keys, and other implements of destruction that you may carry around.’
    • ‘It comes in a flip-top box resembling a pack of cigarettes.’
    • ‘I didn't think they would miss a few items so I took away everything that was free in the room - soaps, sewing kit, stationery - put them in the mini flip-top bin and gave them away on stage.’
    • ‘We should offer to replace the black open topped box with a second flip-top wheelie bin in which residents could put all recyclables.’
    • ‘Among the many creative uses of space in the Fusion is the flip-top seat, whereby the front passenger seat can be ‘opened up’ to reveal a secret stowage compartment for keeping valuables out of sight when parked about town!’
    • ‘Also disappearing is the traditional letter on the lid, which will be replaced by constantly updated, quirky messages, stickers or images inside each tube and a resealable flip-top lid.’
    • ‘Buck Stop Five is bottled in a 2-ounce, flip-top bottle in the same bright yellow as Buck Stop 200 Proof.’
    • ‘Once again, I leave my gentle readers to draw their own conclusions about this hateful, evil nation and its unpleasant denizens, with their incessant foul language and their flip-top heads.’
    • ‘Containers with flip-top caps, pump actions or sprays are suitable.’
    • ‘It has a flip-top display - which doesn't swivel around - and a built-in QWERTY keyboard.’
    • ‘Yes, those individual chocolate puddings used to come in small, flip-top cans.’
    • ‘Howard watched the last trickle of water drain away, and, congratulating himself on a job well done, disposed of his home made unblocker in the flip-top bin by the back door.’
    • ‘He watched apprehensively as his brother snapped open the flip-top pack with his thumb.’


  • A flip-top lid or cover.

    • ‘Cars began to get ever more innovative, and NHRA's safety watch never ended, learning from each incident lessons like how fire-extinguishing systems should be plumbed or that fuel-tank caps needed to be screw-ins rather than flip-tops.’
    • ‘He fumbled for the flip-top, opening it with shaking hands, only to have the phone yanked out of his grasp by an unseen force.’
    • ‘In issuing the ruling, board members might have opened a flip-top can of sagacity but they took only the slightest sip before putting it down.’
    • ‘It now sports a black base with an angular platinum flip-top.’
    • ‘They come in 2 ounce flip-top bottles.’
    • ‘The distinctive ‘letter on the lid’ will be no more, as the new design will sport a re-sealable flip-top.’
    • ‘It might be a good idea to lose the flip-top altogether or, if it must stay, have it implemented like the Zaurus.’