Definition of flintlock in US English:



  • 1An old-fashioned type of gun fired by a spark from a flint.

    • ‘I yelled and he hurled himself to the side as the gun came up and I dodged frantically as the flintlock flared and filled the room with noise and smoke and something smashed splinters from the doorframe behind my head.’
    • ‘His interest in the historical development of firearms motivated him to study, shoot and collect nearly every type of firearm from flintlocks to full-autos.’
    • ‘I'm sure that I have heard many gun rights supporters say that ‘every colonist had a flintlock over the mantle’ or words to that effect.’
    • ‘He met my gaze and took a couple of steps toward me, a hand moving toward the hilt of a flintlock.’
    • ‘Clint is a true historian of personal arms, and has experienced and experimented with arms of all types, from flintlocks to belt-fed full auto.’
    • ‘One carried an old-fashioned rifle that looked like a flintlock.’
    • ‘The French Marine would show the students how to load and fire a flintlock, and how to make a fire with flint and steel.’
    • ‘Guns November issue featured a review of two very fine smoothbore flintlocks by Caywood Gunmakers.’
    • ‘This system of firearms ignition replaced the flintlock in the early 19th century.’
    • ‘What really happens once the episode concludes with its trite little ending is that the Klingons replace the flintlocks with Uzis, and the Federation ups the ante.’
    • ‘Imagine where we would be if gun makers believed the flintlock could not be improved.’
    • ‘The leader likewise finds a firearm, suddenly remembering the flintlock tucked into his sash.’
    • ‘I love the way they arrange the swords and old flintlocks in criss-cross patterns up the wall.’
    • ‘Modern-day pirates have traded in galleons and flintlocks for high-speed motor launches and semi-automatic rifles.’
    • ‘The rifle used by this actor-marksman is one of a pair of .54-caliber Lancaster County flintlocks, crafted in the early 1800's style by historian and master gun maker Mike Branson.’
    • ‘In Washington D.C., the cradle of freedom, you are allowed to own plugged muzzleloaders, fake flintlocks and dismantled cap-and-ball revolvers if the caps and balls are stashed in other jurisdictions.’
    • ‘From the other side of the duck pond, Pete draws his flintlock and fires at the boat.’
    • ‘Like Minutemen equipped with flashlights instead of flintlocks, Smith's volunteers must be ready for action at short notice.’
    1. 1.1 The lock on a flintlock gun.
      • ‘At any time during a political debate Washington was permitted to remove a flintlock pistol from his trousers and shoot off a finger of his rival.’
      • ‘It was an old flintlock pistol, with four barrels.’
      • ‘In the firearms field, flintlock smoothbore muskets gave way to percussion-capped, rifled muskets.’
      • ‘Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a shadow walking towards Brad holding an old flintlock rifle.’
      • ‘Loaded loosely, the lower barrel produces hang fires reminiscent of flintlock ignition.’
      • ‘I was interested in a flintlock smoothbore typical of the French and Indian War period.’
      • ‘Recently he built a flintlock double rifle intended for dangerous game hunting in Africa.’
      • ‘Muskets spanned the transition from matchlock, through wheel lock and flintlock, to percussion.’
      • ‘But colonists' victories were rare in the first half of a war that saw more than a dozen towns burned and entire companies ambushed by Indian marksmen firing flintlock muskets.’
      • ‘Thirteen individual steps were required to load and fire a historic reproduction flintlock musket.’
      • ‘It was actuated by stepping on it or by tripping a wire along the ground that released a flintlock igniter to fire the main charge.’
      • ‘The Glock 9mm has about as much relationship to the flintlock pistol as a Ford Taurus does to a saddle horse.’
      • ‘I've hunted game from rabbit to elk with flintlock rifles and smoothbores with great success and satisfaction.’
      • ‘Aside from a few shotguns, most were flintlock rifles, kept more for hunting game than fighting.’
      • ‘Decked in pitch-black garb, a flintlock pistol held tightly in each hand, Nathaniel watched as the dim curtain of midday crept over the autumn scarlet of the forest.’
      • ‘As with the flintlock gun, the damage inflicted with a hit will be devastating.’
      • ‘It tossed a foot-long wooden truncheon onto a table beside a flintlock pistol and flopped down into a chair, snarling all the while.’
      • ‘Side plates are decorative additions placed on the lateral margins of flintlock muskets opposite the lock plate.’
      • ‘And in that society it was looked upon as the right to bear a flintlock rifle was a right that ought to be possessed.’
      • ‘‘When I saw the Mexican army up on the hill there and there I was in my full rig - with my flintlock rifle - it got kind of spooky,’ he added.’