Definition of flightiness in US English:



  • See flighty

    • ‘The Leo Moon stabilizes the Sagittarius flightiness and inconsistency, but since both signs are ruled by fire, these individuals are enthusiastic, ambitious.’
    • ‘A diva-like flightiness is central to her character, a loving but scatty single mum who had her first child in her mid-teens, works as a cleaner, and swings unpredictably between snappish burnout and little-girl fragility.’
    • ‘Such apparent flightiness belies a solid build-up of professional experience.’
    • ‘Smith's version in The Old Manor House plays with this expectation by transferring the typical heroine's flightiness and love - sickness to the protagonist, even as it also satirizes his virtues as a romance hero.’
    • ‘But she says her need to perform springs from more than mere flightiness.’
    • ‘He is even honest about their flightiness, describing the band as ‘constantly running from one drama or another.’’
    • ‘He just couldn't handle Aubrey's flightiness and her diva tendencies, so he settled things quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, quietly, in divorce, back when Kaitlyn and I were tiny tots.’
    • ‘Her acting was rather disappointing, lacking the impulsive flightiness of my ideal Dorabella, but it will be interesting to see what becomes of her voice.’
    • ‘He would ground her flightiness and her impulsiveness and she would lighten his sometimes-sober demeanour.’
    • ‘But even the brightest of its terraces are admonished for their flightiness by stern brick churches.’