Definition of flight test in English:

flight test


  • A flight of an aircraft, rocket, or equipment to see how well it functions.

    • ‘He also laid out the propulsion system, conducted the flight test and analysis of the fighters and did primary design and development of the first full pressure suit.’
    • ‘Given the vagaries of this condition as to its true effects on your ability to fly safely, the FAA has allowed that a person in this situation may request an additional evaluation through a medical flight test or signal light test.’
    • ‘After a successful oral exam, followed by an actual flight test, student pilots are awarded a private pilot certificate.’
    • ‘‘The performance of the Flight Modem prototype system during the first flight test showed we are on the right track.’, Morgan said.’
    • ‘To obtain a Private Pilot's Licence, a person must complete a flight test with an Irish Aviation Authority qualified examiner and pass five written subjects.’
    • ‘The aeroplane is currently at Wombleton Airfield where it will stay after passing its first flight test.’
    • ‘Lt Cdr Stone said: ‘During the flight you are really focussed on doing the flight test as accurately as possible, that's what you keep your mind on.’’
    • ‘Flight test experience is highly desirable’
    • ‘Thaad is still very much in the developmental stage - it has a flight test scheduled for this fall.’
    • ‘The first flight test in nearly two years of a planned U.S. missile-defense shield has been scrapped two days in a row this week because of bad weather, the Pentagon said on Friday.’
    • ‘The 2,145 pilots surveyed logged an average of 63 hours before passing their flight test.’
    • ‘Like private pilots, sport pilots will also be required to pass a written exam and pass a practical flight test with an FAA examiner or designee.’
    • ‘When it came time to flight test the aircraft most people said I should do it myself because that is what I had done in my previous life in the Navy.’
    • ‘The written test for the instrument is regarded by many as the toughest of any flight rating, and you'll be required to pass the written before you can take the oral and the flight test.’
    • ‘He had undergone the flight test, but not the theoretical examination.’
    • ‘After the slow flight test the tower cleared me in.’
    • ‘After taking a series of rigorous practical and theory exams, he passed the final flight test with flying colours last month.’
    • ‘The ground-launched flight test demonstrated a viable and cost-effective flight-test method for future initiatives.’
    • ‘As well as getting involved with the practical aspects, I tried to accumulate as much theoretical knowledge regarding the airframe and engine as I could muster, so that I would be as well prepared as possible for the flight test.’
    • ‘The third development aircraft will enter the flight test programme in 2005.’


  • Test (an aircraft or rocket) by flying it.

    ‘it was undergoing cold-weather flight-testing’
    • ‘The program involves the research, design, testing and manufacture of all components involved in preparation for flight-testing a scramjet engine.’
    • ‘A little more than a year before, engineers from GASL, a New York company, had successfully flight-tested a scramjet-powered projectile at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee.’
    • ‘Having flight-tested a long-range rocket over Japan in August 1998, North Korea has since agreed to a moratorium on further tests during the continuation of efforts to improve relations with the U.S.’
    • ‘Well, we know that they have already flight-tested a missile that can get pretty close to the United States.’
    • ‘Planned efforts in phase two entail risk-reduction activities, including designing, developing, and flight-testing the demonstration system.’
    • ‘‘I think you can compare Deep Space 1 with the X - 15 rocket plane that was flight-tested in the 60s,’ Rayman said.’
    • ‘While they have not flight-tested long-range missiles they have continued research, development, and rocket engine testing.’
    • ‘A decision was made to flight-test the airframe, but without the jets.’


flight test

/ˈflīt ˌtest/