Definition of flight surgeon in US English:

flight surgeon


  • A military surgeon specializing in aerospace medicine.

    • ‘‘The two most important goals of this flight are for you to have fun and for you not to lose cool points,’ said Capt. David Steinhiser, the team's flight surgeon.’
    • ‘In the early phases, student pilots are educated on diet, hydration and relaxation techniques under the watchful supervision of a flight surgeon.’
    • ‘The health and safety of the astronauts are a paramount concern for NASA, requiring a flight surgeon who watches the vital signs of all astronauts and provides medical advice if necessary.’
    • ‘The new flight surgeon that's going over with my unit came by on Monday and Tuesday to see how things were going, wish I could have made a better first impression but the office was a mad house.’
    • ‘‘Being an Air Force flight surgeon, I'm used to being a company doctor, which means you take care of the person in the conduct of the mission,’ Tubb said.’
    • ‘Pat was a NASA flight surgeon and the Crew Surgeon for the Challenger mission and many other Shuttle flights.’
    • ‘As a flight surgeon in the U.S. Navy, Houston spent World War II conducting pioneering research on the effects of high altitude on the human body.’
    • ‘Once on deck, I feebly extracted myself from the cockpit and limped into the hangar, where I called the flight surgeon and asked him to pick me up.’
    • ‘Prior to takeoff, Millican was fitted for his G suit and instructed by a flight surgeon how to remain conscious and keep from getting sick while experiencing extreme G forces.’
    • ‘But we also get to see the mission controllers, scientists, and flight surgeon back on Earth, and the documentary cameras reveal subtle aspects of their personalities as well.’
    • ‘‘Things that don't bother you normally may nauseate you over time,’ explains Jeff Jones, a Houston-based flight surgeon for the ISS.’
    • ‘Recent expeditions have included one to a local school by a group including, among others, a flight surgeon, other aircrew members, two military dog handlers, and Waldo, their four-legged foot soldier.’
    • ‘Jon Clark is a NASA flight surgeon and an expert on crew survival in a mishap.’
    • ‘Brown, 46, a naval aviator and flight surgeon, served as mission specialist.’
    • ‘When I finally made it into medical later that day, the flight surgeon said I was lucky to come out with a popped blood vessel in my left ear and a slightly detached membrane from my left sinus.’
    • ‘She was a flight surgeon during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, was on a mission to aid a downed U.S. pilot when the Black Hawk she was in was shot down by the Iraqis.’
    • ‘During the course of the briefing, the flight surgeon gave each aircrew member a pill with instruction to take it only ‘when you feel you can no longer keep awake.’’
    • ‘The family of Columbia astronaut Dr. Laurel Clark has established a memorial fund at Defenders of Wildlife to honor the 41-year-old Navy captain and flight surgeon who died in February's space shuttle disaster.’
    • ‘He worked as a flight surgeon and medical officer at Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, a NASA astronaut, and an Astronaut Office Coordinator.’
    • ‘We had a flight surgeon and we had a child psychiatrist.’