Definition of flight suit in US English:

flight suit


  • A one-piece garment worn by the pilot and crew of a military or light aircraft.

    • ‘After four decades and half a dozen space flights - including a moonwalk and the first Shuttle mission veteran NASA astronaut John Young is hanging up his flight suit.’
    • ‘He quietly gathers his clothes so he doesn't wake his pregnant wife, Kelly, then showers, dons his tailored flight suit and silently shuffles out his bedroom door.’
    • ‘The older of the two wore a worn flight suit with his name on the right breast pocket.’
    • ‘Because of his enormous flight potential and commitment to Axis, no official has confined him to wearing a standard flight suit, so his scruffy attire is normally par for the course.’
    • ‘I left a jet at 18,000 feet and 380 knots in January over Dixie Valley, wearing a flight suit, gloves, T-shirt, briefs, cotton socks and summer boots.’
    • ‘He dressed W up in a military flight suit, put him in a fighter jet, and swooshed him out to the carrier, making a dramatic, made-for-TV, tail hook landing.’
    • ‘Chris said a paraglider pilot should strongly consider attaching his hook knife to his flight suit and not to his harness.’
    • ‘Bush made his appearance aboard the aircraft carrier in a navy flight suit.’
    • ‘‘These new uniforms really don't sit well with me,’ Gabriel mumbled, looking at the plastic-wrapped flight suit.’
    • ‘After all, if putting on boots and a ten-gallon hat can make you into a cowboy, and wearing a flight suit can turn you into a pilot, it isn't too much of a stretch to believe that wearing a press badge can make you into a journalist.’
    • ‘‘Sure, whatever,’ Silhouette said, adjusting her blue and black flight suit.’
    • ‘Quickly he donned his light grey one-piece flight suit, the colour for Cadets, and ran to his assigned fighter plane.’
    • ‘The darker uniforms - the black flight suit, the woodland camouflage uniform and the monotone grey urban camouflage uniform-blended the poorest across the three day sites.’
    • ‘When flying, the pilots wore mostly whatever they wanted underneath the flight suit.’
    • ‘He undid the top half of his one-piece flight suit and tied it around his waist.’
    • ‘I don't believe it's patriotic to dress up in a flight suit and prance around on the deck of an aircraft carrier.’
    • ‘More people were filing in, most of them in jeans, leather, rubber, or uniforms, including a tall, gray-haired man in a black flight suit, and a skinhead couple who looked like twins.’
    • ‘Some recognized his flight suit at the dinner table and asked, ‘Was that you I saw overhead today?’’
    • ‘I'd imagine him giving Hershey bars to little kids - he said he always carried some in the leg pocket of his flight suit, because little girls like me didn't always get enough to eat.’
    • ‘Sure enough, the cuff on the sleeve of my flight suit caught the switch and pulled it off - something I would not have noticed in my haste to reset the breakers during my original flap problem.’