Definition of flight path in US English:

flight path


  • The actual or planned course of an aircraft or spacecraft.

    • ‘Suggesting we should move is like telling the Queen to move from Windsor Castle as it now lies in the flight path from Heathrow.’
    • ‘The flight path was designed for the spacecraft to leave Earth and travel to orbit the Lagrange point.’
    • ‘In the past, NASA has had to adjust the flight path of space shuttles on at least eight occasions to avoid debris.’
    • ‘The Typhoon is a virtually unmanned aircraft that uses a programmed flight path to seek out its target.’
    • ‘Pie or she can take pictures, view thermal images, and can even view simulated images of the flight path.’
    • ‘If a plane deviates from its flight path, the autopilot would take over and bring the plane back on course.’
    • ‘I gazed sadly through the window out onto the Gatwick flight path.’
    • ‘Each Sunday the airport flight path will take these aircraft in over the strains of Gaelic psalm singing in Back Free Church.’
    • ‘Spins can be recognized by high descent and roll rates, and a flight path that is straight down.’
    • ‘But for those living under the flight path to Heathrow the noise and air pollution made its presence a nightmare.’
    • ‘The court case was brought against the Department of Transport by eight residents living under the flight path at Heathrow Airport, west London.’
    • ‘Her house lies below the flight path to London City airport - on Friday nights, aircraft pass over their heads every eight minutes.’
    • ‘It flew along the same flight path and altitude as the commercial aircraft.’
    • ‘Cassini was on a flight path that took the spacecraft away from the planet and farther south, so that the rings appear to tilt upward.’
    • ‘The pilots worked the radios, charted the flight path, and tried to stay in smooth air with the wind at their backs.’
    • ‘Keep track of your flight path and recognize when you are flying near airways.’
    • ‘I used to live under the Heathrow flight path, just a few miles away from the airport.’
    • ‘Ferreira did not know much about the first set as it flew by quicker than the Concordes overhead on their flight path to Heathrow Airport.’
    • ‘The bells and whistles had gone off from my emergency squawk, and the approach controller tracked my flight path.’
    • ‘He initiated a 90-degree right hand turn to avoid a levee in his immediate flight path.’
    trajectory, track, orbit, glide path, approach
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flight path

/ˈflī(t) ˌpaTH//ˈflaɪ(t) ˌpæθ/