Definition of flight control in US English:

flight control


  • 1The activity of directing the movement of aircraft.

    ‘automatic flight control’
    as modifier ‘the flight-control computer’
    • ‘The pilot has excellent flight control of the F - 16 through its ‘fly-by-wire’ system.’
    • ‘Data is still being gathered in the areas of weight and balance, flight control margins, potential for automatic flight control systems malfunction and aircraft performance limitations.’
    • ‘The automatic flight control system is a dual redundant digital system, which provides autostabilisation and four-axis auto-pilot operation.’
    • ‘The month just past saw shipment to Bell of the BA609's flight control software from BAE Systems in Santa Monica.’
    • ‘Its flight control, navigation and vehicle management are independent and based on a mission plan.’
    • ‘The combined head-up/head-level display is collimated at infinity, and presents data relating to flight control, navigation, target engagement and weapon firing.’
    • ‘Vaino Hoover, former president and chief executive officer of Hoover Electric Company, designed and manufactured electric actuators and power flight control system components for aircraft and deep sea equipment.’
    • ‘We did all the scenarios which they talked about here today, and he never made any unusual movements, any unusual flight control implements.’
    • ‘The full authority digital flight control system and avionics were developed by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Division at Fort Worth.’
    • ‘After take-off, the pilot can hand over flight control to the mission program until within visual range of the mission's first target.’
    • ‘The operation of the dipping sonar is by a hydraulically powered winch, and the automatic flight control system includes a cable hover mode control.’
    • ‘The flight models are anything but realistic and flight control is probably the hardest part to learn in the game (use your joystick, don't pay attention to the manual).’
    • ‘The helicopter's flight control system has been supplied by BAE Systems Aerospace Controls.’
    • ‘In one demonstration, students start flying the basic F - 16, then sequentially remove flight control features until they are flying the aircraft manually.’
    • ‘Our first indication of a problem was a shudder throughout the aircraft, and the DASH advisory lights for the automatic flight control system illuminated.’
    • ‘It won't be long before the same satellites that track the weather will also be used for aircraft flight control, mobile phone calls, shipping forecasts and keeping close track of sunspots and lightning.’
    • ‘It is probably possible to adapt existing flight control systems from aircraft for use in rockets, but this is likely to be quite expensive.’
    • ‘The advanced flight models might be more accessible if you have invested in something like the Thrustmaster Afterburner flight control system.’
    • ‘The Avionics and Vehicle Management Computer performs flight control processing, autopilot control, engine control processing, mission command and control, navigation, and other functions.’
    • ‘The system also provides flight control and navigation data intended for mission specific systems and equipment.’
    1. 1.1 A control surface on an aircraft.
      • ‘Later designs have replaced the single island with a forward ship control island and an aft flight control island.’
      • ‘The actual flight controls were little different than the flight controls of atmospheric aircraft.’
      • ‘High-performance aircraft have a horizontal stabilizer placed so that, as a stall is approached, the turbulent air coming off the top of the wing hits the horizontal stabilizer and shakes the flight controls.’
      • ‘‘The jet was flying pretty well, and the damage had not affected the flight control surfaces or the landing gear,’ Turner said.’
      • ‘The flight controls had been carefully rigged to fractions of a degree while the wing slats were removed and then refitted to ensure a perfectly smooth fit.’
      • ‘At this time, Captain Combs remarked on the presence of an abnormality in the flight controls, as the aircraft began to exhibit an uncommanded rolling tendency.’
      • ‘Installing a panel, second seat, and a full set of flight controls was no small task but John and his crew entered the project with enthusiasm.’
      • ‘The T10's rear cockpit will be modified to accommodate a casualty and will have its flight controls removed, together with most of its avionics.’
      • ‘I continue to circle the colony using just the right combination of flight controls and power to give the biologist the best possible view of the birds below.’
      • ‘In addition to the flight controls, the control column carried the gun camera switch box, the gunsight switch box and a fluorescent light bulb for the instrument panel.’
      • ‘The CFI took over the flight controls and banked the airplane to the right.’
      • ‘The engines were replaced with freshly overhauled units while outer wing panels, tail section, and flight controls were removed and repaired.’
      • ‘The flight controls are ballistically hardened and the helicopter is equipped with redundant electric and hydraulic systems.’
      • ‘New fairings were made for the fuselage \ wing root areas, and final adjustments of the control cables for all flight controls were finished.’
      • ‘On the ‘before starting engines’ checklist, oxygen system checks are item number four, right after unlocking the controls, buckling up and checking the flight controls.’
      • ‘It has manual flight controls, a high safety and reliability record, and can operate from grass, sand or waterlogged airstrips.’
      • ‘Hand-in-hand with fly-by-wire flight controls is powered-lift technology.’
      • ‘The flight controls feature all push-pull rod primary controls and boosted ailerons.’
      • ‘The airplane will have manual flight controls.’
      • ‘They first climbed to FL 150, where they checked engine data, flight controls and the anti-ice system, Courault said.’


flight control

/ˈflī(t) kənˌtrōl/