Definition of flight bag in US English:

flight bag


  • A small zippered shoulder bag carried by air travelers.

    • ‘Part of the reality that Katherine ascribes to these series of dreams was given when her brother happened to call after her emotional reaction to discovering her father's flight bag at the deserted house.’
    • ‘We were then each given a standard blue Pan Am flight bag containing an array of first-class items which I ended up keeping as cherished souvenirs.’
    • ‘Much underrated as a flight accessory I always put this in my flight bag.’
    • ‘Bonnell's hand dropped down beside his leg, discreetly, to his flight bag.’
    • ‘The National Guardsmen went through everything on board - including suitcases and flight bags.’
    • ‘Increased air travel security may also have discouraged people from bringing high valued items that they previously carried on in flight bags.’
    • ‘We still had all the charts sitting on the console, so grabbing my flight bag, I quickly stuffed all of them into it.’
    • ‘These include range bags, pro-shooter's bags, fanny packs and gear and flight bags.’
    • ‘By the time we were on our plane she had made sure that her flight bag contained a new novel by Menking Hannell, and over southern Oregon she told me it was great as usual.’
    • ‘But the software is complex enough that leaving it in the flight bag for months, then pulling it out in the heat of an emergency, could produce confusion.’
    • ‘While my quickly amassed binders and charts contributed significantly to the girth of my flight bag, I had a bounty of knowledge covering all conceivable logistics about flying in and around Mexico.’
    • ‘Down low in the weather is no place to be rummaging through your flight bag looking for a chart.’
    • ‘Sure enough, my keys were in the aircraft, right where my flight bag had been.’
    • ‘This book is appropriate for the rucksack or flight bag of any service member looking for an easy reference during hard duty.’
    • ‘So, here you are with $50,000 burning a hole in your flight bag.’
    • ‘This will allow ground-based personnel to check the performance of a plane's engines and other systems and enable pilots to replace paper maps of airports and flight routes with a so-called electronic flight bag.’
    • ‘For a recent weeklong trip to Europe, I carried a single brown distressed-leather flight bag.’
    • ‘Then his arm went to an open half-moon shaped flight bag, he zipped it closed, picked it up and walked inside.’
    • ‘As the word spread, the world and his wife headed for the theme night with their authentic BOAC flight bags over their shoulders and their high buttoned Dralon suits.’
    • ‘Grabbing my flight bag, I quickly stuffed all of them into it.’
    suitcase, case, valise, portmanteau, holdall, carryall, grip, overnight bag, overnighter, travelling bag, gladstone bag, carpet bag
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flight bag

/ˈflī(t) ˌbaɡ/