Definition of flexural in US English:



Geology Anatomy
  • See flexure

    • ‘The eigenvalues of the first bending and twisting modes of a structure are directly related to the flexural and torsional stiffness, respectively.’
    • ‘Polymer modification is said to give the product tensile, flexural, and compressive strength that is well above normal concrete (up to 50% stronger, depending on thickness).’
    • ‘Some failure in tension has occurred in the elements above the anomalous region where the flexural bending is concave downwards.’
    • ‘Rather than mix its own concrete, the contractor bought ready-mixed concrete designed to achieve 2500-psi compressive strength and 800-psi flexural strength in 24 hours.’
    • ‘The brick veneer wall is reported to have very low bond values and there is not a reliable source of flexural resistance, to resist lateral wind pressure.’