Definition of flex-fuel in US English:



  • Denoting a motor vehicle that will run on gasoline, ethanol, or these two in any combination.

    ‘flex-fuel subcompacts have captured 20% of Brazil's new car market’
    • ‘GM launched a program in 2003 that included a direct mail campaign that sent E85 debit cards to owners of flex-fuel GM vehicles.’
    • ‘It's the flex-fuel vehicles we're going after.’
    • ‘They persuaded the government to extend to flex-fuel cars the tax break previously applied to ethanol-only models.’
    • ‘Time will tell, but vehicles could conceivably be manufactured to use vegetable oil as the standard fuel, much like the flex-fuel vehicles designed to run on ethanol.’
    • ‘Car-makers sold 150,000 flex-fuel cars in Brazil from January through July, representing 18 per cent of total new car sales.’
    • ‘A research associate at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, says very few flex-fuel owners know that their cars are capable of fueling up on the fruits of the Heartland.’
    • ‘But it's not E85 (85 percent ethanol and 15 percent petroleum) - the ideal fuel for the flex-fuel vehicles already on the road.’