Definition of fleshy in US English:



  • 1(of a person or part of the body) having a substantial amount of flesh; plump.

    ‘her torso was full, fleshy, and heavy’
    • ‘In a fall, try to land on the fleshy parts of your body.’
    • ‘It's nice to see the famous model displayed like a very ordinary, quite flawed, fleshy female.’
    • ‘He was rather fleshy than muscular and a stranger would scarcely suppose that he had either the activity or the inclination for a poacher's life.’
    • ‘Pisces inclines to shortness, with the body marked as fleshy, plump, and sensitive to swellings and water retention.’
    • ‘No, I cannot lay down with a hanger hooked on a zipper trying to mash my fleshy body into a dress too small for me.’
    • ‘They were fleshy, with veins that rose to the surface under the heat, and when we bit into them, they shot thick vermilion juice onto the tabletop.’
    • ‘He chose to depict ordinary, fleshy bodies - real bodies, that is, ones that had some fat and sag.’
    • ‘They were fleshy and tender like her own arms, but rimmed with spiral corkscrew blades which stretched from wrist to shoulder on each limb, and of course, the hooks.’
    • ‘Its contours plunged and flowed like an Asian ink painting depicting water, but it evoked a hugely fleshy recumbent body as well: nature as mass.’
    • ‘In fact, it's not hard to sympathize with the fallen devil, or even side with him - his character is more fleshy and alluring than that of the somewhat bland God of the poem.’
    • ‘It never struck the ground, only fleshy bodies of muscles and organs.’
    • ‘Thaipusam is famously the festival of ritual piercing, as Vels are pushed into the fleshy bits of the body by devotees seemingly oblivious to pain.’
    • ‘As a bridge loomed at the streets end ahead of him he put on a final burst of speed, pounding up the bridge's incline, fleshy arms pumping and fists clenched he reached the center.’
    • ‘Described as plump, fleshy, bitter, salty and succulent all at once, their taste remains on the palate long after swallowing.’
    • ‘What is it with these chubby, fleshy girls with the low-rise jeans and the thongs that stick all the way out when they play pool?’
    • ‘Backgrounds of boudoir pink, persimmon, lilac and aqua combine with the calligraphic grace of his fleshy figures in images of stylized elegance.’
    • ‘So there's not really any hope of finding a particularly fleshy part of my body.’
    • ‘Four men in black business suits entered the orphanage and promptly converged on the owner of the orphanage, a large, fleshy man known to the children as Hans.’
    • ‘One pan was filled with blood-red liquid, another with bullets; yet another contained what looked like fleshy body parts.’
    • ‘The body is fleshy, squeezable, and totally unreliable thanks to the proliferation of sharp-edges and cancers in the modern era.’
    plump, chubby, portly, fat, fattish, obese, overweight, stout, corpulent, paunchy, beer-bellied, thickset, hefty, heavy, heavyset, burly, bulky, chunky, well padded, well covered, well upholstered, meaty, rotund, round, well rounded, of ample proportions, big, large
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    1. 1.1 (of plant or fruit tissue) soft and thick.
      ‘fleshy, greeny-gray leaves’
      • ‘Looking at the stiff stems topped with dry flowers, it is hard to believe they were, only a short while ago, thick and fleshy and held above a mound of soft, succulent leaves.’
      • ‘In case of need, one of the thick fleshy leaves can be broken off, the green outer layer scraped off and thick gel applied to the affected area.’
      • ‘They resembled a cross between a cactus and an aloe vera plant; thick and fleshy, with hairs extruding from their tendrils.’
      • ‘We have virtually no fossils of tropical fleshy algae, especially the small soft epilithic species that characterize primary productivity on modern reefs.’
      • ‘The plant's shiny, fleshy leaves, stems and underground tuber store water, so it's able to go weeks without water.’
      • ‘They are everything you could possibly hope for in a tomato - stark red, heavy in your hand, thin-skinned and fleshy, fragrant, sweet and juicy.’
      • ‘In plants with fleshy fruits, a major focus has been the dissection of biochemical and genetic regulatory cascades controlling ripening, using tomato as a model species.’
      • ‘It puts up large, rather untidy leaves in the summer, they wither and vanish - and then, as the days start to shorten, overnight those irresistible, fleshy flower heads leap out of the soil.’
      • ‘Blulaparon rigidum is very different from other members of its genus, which are low plants with fleshy leaves.’
      • ‘Many ripe fleshy fruits whose primary function is to attract seed dispersers also contain unpleasant chemicals that deter consumption by vertebrates.’
      • ‘This sponge comprises only a minor component of the diet of and is composed of soft, fleshy tissue.’
      • ‘But, as Adam broke through the line of fleshy foliage it didn't take him long to find who was waiting for it.’
      • ‘Peppers produce these compounds only in glands located in their pods' placental partition, which is the white, fleshy membrane where the seeds are attached.’
      • ‘These two concentric fleshy tissues originate from different parts of the flower.’
      • ‘As the name suggests, succulents store water in their thick, fleshy leaves, thus being able to go for lengthy periods without any water.’
      • ‘The Colchicum is much larger with goblet-shaped, fleshy flowers that are resistant to rain and should be planted in midsummer.’
      • ‘These provide a shady retreat from the heat of the day and their leafy foliage contrasts sharply with the spines of cacti and the fleshy leaves of succulents, like Kalanchoe, which are planted among them.’
      • ‘Branches and fleshy shrubs and ferns mesh all around the warriors to slow their movement.’
      • ‘Starapples are a soft fleshy fruit that have a stainy skin, they grow on a large tree and she was fond of them.’
      • ‘The set, by Christopher Oram, is a brooding garden, framed by large red, fleshy flowers, and gives the impression of a vast carnivorous plant, which seeks to ingest the characters on stage.’
  • 2Resembling flesh in appearance or texture.

    • ‘It was still pink and fleshy; I could see it through the soot.’
    • ‘Up to 30 cm across, it is usually found below 20m and can be easily recognised by its fleshy pink or white tentacles which, unlike most other anemones, it cannot retract.’
    • ‘There are as many as five species that have been crossed, to produce that perfect fleshy pink or whatever colour she is preferring at the moment.’
    • ‘The mucosa was thickened, white, and fleshy in appearance with a small area of superficial ulceration.’
    • ‘Weapon and enemy modeling is a joke as well, every creature and weapon seems to have this weird type of fleshy texture to it that I can't really describe too well.’
    • ‘The head and neck were a rich pink and the beak was fleshy pink.’
    • ‘Unlike basal cell carcinomas, the heaped-up edges of the lesions are fleshy rather than clear in appearance.’
    • ‘The walls were painted a pale almost fleshy pink colour (what might be described as anaemic salmon).’
    • ‘For example: are these revolving pink discs just fleshy cogs in some great mechanical system?’