Definition of flesh fly in US English:

flesh fly


  • A fly that breeds in carrion, typically producing live young which are deposited on a carcass.

    Family Sarcophagidae: Sarcophaga and other genera

    • ‘One day you'll cast to 50-pound king salmon fresh from the Bering Sea; the next you'll throw flesh flies to the ten-pound rainbows that follow the migration and feed on dead spawners.’
    • ‘A similar lack of cycling has been reported in the adult head of the flesh fly.’
    • ‘What was decomposing the carcasses, given the total absence of fossils of the larger flies, such as flesh flies and blowflies (whose larvae, which we call maggots, feed on carrion)?’
    • ‘The presence of dung beetles or flesh flies in the inflorescence can most easily be explained by their attraction to the heat produced by the plant, not its odor.’
    • ‘This dung or carrion mimicry attracts flesh flies, rove beetles, and even mosquitoes, all of which have been observed with pollen on them.’