Definition of flesh and blood in US English:

flesh and blood


  • Used to emphasize that a person is a physical, living being with human emotions or frailties, often in contrast to something abstract, spiritual, or mechanical.

    ‘the customer is flesh and blood, not just a sales statistic’
    as modifier ‘he seemed more like a creature from a dream than a flesh-and-blood father’
    • ‘The phone is just a piece of metal, and my brother is flesh and blood.’
    • ‘The tracks of dirt left by your feet now lie in a realm much greater than any human of flesh and blood, including you.’
    • ‘But this eternal suffering cannot be revealed to mortal ears of living flesh and blood.’
    • ‘Sini explains that just because one is of nobility does not mean they are not mortal, flesh and blood, like everybody else.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the Australian people know their leaders are just flesh and blood and not a species without sin.’
    • ‘Rembrandt painted his women the way, I suppose, they really are: flesh and blood.’
    • ‘In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood.’
    • ‘It evokes a sense of wonder: is this man flesh and blood, like the rest of us?’
    • ‘The technology is coming, he believes, and those who choose to remain flesh and blood will be left behind.’
    • ‘But we looked again and saw that here was no phantom drinker but a man of flesh and blood.’


  • one's (own) flesh and blood

    • A near relative or one's close family.

      ‘he felt as much for that girl as if she had been his own flesh and blood’
      • ‘And he said, I'm doing it because this is my flesh and blood, this is my baby.’
      • ‘Don't get me wrong, I'm her flesh and blood, but she was a very young, hip mother and she wanted to stay as hip and young as possible.’
      • ‘They are our flesh and blood, our sons and daughters and we cherish them for that.’
      • ‘When you lose one of your own, when you lose your flesh and blood in that way, it changes you.’
      • ‘Is that what you desire for your flesh and blood?’
      • ‘She has to be, she's your flesh and blood, right?’
      • ‘Because, as Viola says, ‘friends come and go, but family is forever… you don't have to like your kinfolk, but accept them - faults and all - because they're your flesh and blood.’’
      • ‘Her own family, her flesh and blood had talked back to her and Vikki had even taken Amy's side in the argument.’
      • ‘If you manage to satisfy the harshest critics of all, your flesh and blood, the average consumer is easy.’
      • ‘She was your flesh and blood and cared more about you than anything in this world.’
      family, relative, relatives, relation, relations, blood relation, blood relations, family member, family members, kin, next of kin, kinsfolk, kinsman, kinsmen, kinswoman, kinswomen, kindred, connection, connections
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