Definition of fleabane in US English:



  • A herbaceous plant of the daisy family, reputed to drive away fleas.

    Erigeron, Pulicaria, and other genera, family Compositae: in particular the pink-flowered common (or Philadelphia) fleabane (E. philadelphicus) and the white-flowered daisy fleabane (E. annus)

    • ‘Asters (Aster novi-belgii), butterfly weed, Coreopsis, fleabane, Jupiter's-beard, Lantana, lavender, Sedum, verbena, and yarrow all thrive on dry, sunny sites.’
    • ‘Among the wildflowers are a red columbine, aster, figwort, wild sarsaparilla, fleabane, and avens.’
    • ‘Some herbs that repel fleas include: juniper, pennyroyal, citronella, eucalyptus, cedar and Canadian fleabane.’
    • ‘Interesting flora includes purple devil's bit scabious and lilac field scabious, the yellow daisy-like common fleabane and the tall, cream-flowered meadow sweet.’
    • ‘I found the caterpillar, which goes by the elegant name of Synchlora aerata, on flowers of the common fleabane, Erigeron strigosus, one of several composite plants that had gained a foothold in the patch.’