Definition of flaxen in US English:



  • 1Of flax.

    • ‘They looked much the same as any Islayan, in simple leather, woolen or flaxen clothing.’
    • ‘He ordered that he be buried in flaxen, linen vestments rather than in woolen vestments.’
    • ‘Drawing three arrows, Eragil stuck two into the ground before notching the final onto her bowstring, then pulling back slightly to test the strain on the flaxen string.’
    • ‘While chewing on a particularly unforgiving piece of unidentifiable meat, I noticed some men and women wearing unsophisticated flaxen clothes roughly push a woman towards the common.’
    • ‘The mats offer looks ranging from denim to suede, earthy flaxen, rich raw silks, grass cloth and linen.’
    • ‘It was silvery white of unsoiled reed flaxen silk.’
    1. 1.1literary (especially of hair) of the pale yellow color of dressed flax.
      ‘her long flaxen hair’
      • ‘He had azure coloured eyes and flaxen hair with indigo streaks.’
      • ‘The voice belonged to a tall knight, dressed all in armor, with dark skin and flaxen hair.’
      • ‘Her creamy skin glowed in the firelight, and her flaxen hair was like spun gold.’
      • ‘In that white dress, with that flaxen hair and those blue eyes, she looks as if she's descended straight from heaven.’
      • ‘He had an unruly shock of flaxen hair, lighter than the colour of wheat, and huge, sparkling eyes.’
      yellowish, yellowy, lemon, lemony, amber, gold, golden
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