Definition of flawless in English:



  • 1Without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect.

    ‘her brown flawless skin’
    • ‘She is slim, tall and fair with a flawless skin and perfect features.’
    • ‘Standing there was a beautiful woman with a perfect body, flawless face and long black hair pulled back into a youthful ponytail on top of her head.’
    • ‘My skin is soft and free from any dirt, as flawless and perfect as any woman's.’
    • ‘They had the flawless perfection and soulless presence of stone.’
    • ‘The Queen wore a simple white dress, which complemented her seemingly flawless figure.’
    • ‘He had black hair and and bright green eyes and flawless tan skin and a perfect build.’
    • ‘She still looks flawless, looking perfect in every way possible.’
    • ‘The quest for a flawless fir or perfect pine has also led some growers to spray trees with chemical colorants, or even experiment with cloning.’
    • ‘These synthetic diamonds are D-color graded, flawless and cut to perfection.’
    • ‘Drop dead gorgeous eyes, flawless skin, and perfect straight brown hair that reached down to the top of his ear.’
    • ‘It was different for me… it was perfectly beautiful and flawless.’
    • ‘A long white coat concealed her tall, slender form and her face was perfect, flawless, as if all of her features were etched in stone.’
    • ‘The walls were smooth and flawless in their golden perfection, and so it was impossible to tell if they were rigged in any way.’
    • ‘It was a small, shimmering orb, flawless and perfectly smooth.’
    • ‘Her skin seemed flawless; her mouth like a perfect rosebud; her neck graceful as a swan.’
    • ‘But I cannot help notice the long slender fingers, and the perfectly cut nails, as well as his flawless skin.’
    • ‘You know, perfect cut, flawless style, healthy sheen, flirty bounce.’
    • ‘The angel's face was luminesced, his skin glowing and perfectly flawless.’
    • ‘She looked so perfect and flawless and she seemed utterly smitten with Bernard.’
    • ‘Even astrologers admit the stones have no beneficial powers unless they are flawless and are of good quality.’
    perfect, without blemish, unblemished, unmarked, unimpaired
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    1. 1.1 Without any mistakes or shortcomings.
      ‘he greeted her in almost flawless English’
      • ‘Prudie does not know where you got the idea that journalists turn out perfect, flawless e-mails, but it is a nice fiction.’
      • ‘This is truly an actor's movie, and as for the performances, they are flawless.’
      • ‘Despite an off-course excursion that cost the team two laps, Long made up for his mistake with fast and flawless driving the rest of the way.’
      • ‘There was no force behind her efforts, yet they were flawless.’
      • ‘The English subtitles, as expected, are flawless and presented perfectly.’
      • ‘The transition between the old footage and new interviews with Jones is flawless.’
      • ‘He laid his hands upon the keys and played; this time flawless with no mistakes.’
      • ‘The music itself is flawless, without a single mistake or so much as an out-of-place echo.’
      • ‘But some experts also know that there are very few compositions whose orchestration is perfectly flawless.’
      • ‘In all scenarios, the intelligence on the enemy was flawless and the enemy performed exactly as expected.’
      • ‘Companies cannot afford to disappoint Christmas shoppers with late deliveries because there is now a worldwide expectation of flawless customer service.’