Definition of flavoring in US English:


(British flavouring)


  • A substance used to give a different, stronger, or more agreeable taste to food or drink.

    ‘vanilla flavoring’
    ‘mustard has been used as a flavoring for thousands of years’
    • ‘The product doesn't contain added salt, sugar, yeast, artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.’
    • ‘Give it a taste and add more flavourings until it's blended in heat and sourness to your liking.’
    • ‘We've used the same basic technique but slightly different flavourings.’
    • ‘I suggest you get to grips with the following three and add in different flavourings to complement the dish you are serving them with.’
    • ‘Thai food is known as healthy cooking, with natural herbs, spices and flavorings, rather than artificial ingredients being used to enhance the flavor of the dishes.’
    • ‘Start by making some of the vinegars in this booklet, then create your own, adding your favorite herbs, spices and flavorings.’
    • ‘Alfred makes a basic yoghurt spice paste and adds different flavourings according to the mushrooms chosen.’
    • ‘Mongolian cooking is generally very simple and does not use many spices, flavorings or sauces.’
    • ‘He also makes a point of using liqueur ingredients with natural rather than artificial flavorings.’
    • ‘Seasonings such as onions, herbs and flavorings used in recipes can change during freezing.’
    • ‘It is also an additive in vanilla extracts and other food flavorings.’
    • ‘Part of the coffee revolution is its ubiquity; hot or cold, with syrup or flavorings, spirits or spices, or coffee as a flavor itself.’
    • ‘Fast foods are often heavily processed and loaded with chemical flavorings, additives, and preservatives.’
    • ‘Fresh herbs are simply the best flavorings for many foods and drinks.’
    • ‘The recipe was pretty much just cream cheese, lots of powdered sugar, and flavorings of vanilla, mint, or chocolate.’
    • ‘These new products are certainly jazzier than tofu, but without sugar and artificial flavorings, they taste of nothing much.’
    • ‘We're so conditioned to overprocessed foods and flavorings that we don't know true taste.’
    • ‘Use herbs, spices and other flavorings to enhance foods.’
    • ‘Some companies have added natural flavorings, such fruit or tea to their green drink mixes to make them more palatable.’
    • ‘Once the juice has cooled, remove the flavourings and sweeten to taste.’
    seasoning, spice, herb, additive, added flavour
    essence, extract, tincture, concentrate, concentration, distillate
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