Definition of flavored in US English:


(British flavoured)


  • 1(of food or drink) having a particular type of taste.

    in combination ‘the peanut oil is light but fairly full-flavored’
    • ‘His favourite, the Colston Bassett Stilton, comes from a small dairy in Nottinghamshire which only uses milk from five village farms, and so produces very creamy full flavoured cheese.’
    • ‘We chose these varieties because of their resistance to a number of diseases, as well as good yields of well flavoured fruit.’
    • ‘Each soup was strongly flavoured and delicious.’
    • ‘The food, a thick, richly flavoured stew, was excellent.’
    • ‘Smiling caterers, in long white robes, served delicious spiced lamb, chicken, mounds of delicately flavoured rice and plump dates and figs.’
    • ‘My mother bought me some earlier in the year and it is a very delicately flavoured tea.’
    • ‘Don't be put off by the jokey name, as it really is a treat with roasts or a heavily flavoured stew.’
    • ‘It's a big beast of a wine and will match up well with richly flavoured meat dishes.’
    • ‘Use a strongly flavoured drink, such as apple juice or fruit squash, so that you can easily distinguish it from sea water.’
    • ‘The intensely flavoured sauce went better with the fragrant pigeon than the lighter tasting lobster.’
    • ‘Restaurateurs are probably right in thinking Shanghainese do not like intensely flavoured food.’
    • ‘The meal began with succulent fresh oysters, pan-fried quickly with a light breading, and served on a plate drizzled with a lightly flavoured sauce.’
    • ‘I always feel that rosé makes an ideal accompaniment to lightly flavoured curries.’
    • ‘Strongly flavoured foods such as garlic, onion and spices produce a smell long before bacterial action sets in.’
    • ‘Some modern factories use cow's milk, which is cheaper and produces a milder flavoured cheese, although Loula continues the time-honoured method using only goat's milk.’
    • ‘This was a strong flavoured starter, with a good balance of tastes.’
    • ‘The unique flavoured meat of the seaweed-eating North Ronaldsay sheep has made its way onto one of the finest menus in the UK.’
    • ‘Attention to detail matched with unfussy yet vibrantly flavored foods may seem contradictory, but, in the hands of this chef, the combination attests to the success of his cooking philosophy.’
    • ‘It is a bland dish and may be accompanied by salted fish or other strongly flavoured food to provide contrast.’
    • ‘Both of these Indian places have great, intensely flavoured food - and what could be better the next day than leftover Indian takeout?’
    1. 1.1 (of food or drink) having been given a particular taste by the addition of a flavoring.
      in combination ‘chicken breasts in lemon-flavored stock’
      ‘a flavored drink’
      • ‘Most of the available fountain soft drink providers offer a line of plain and flavored teas.’
      • ‘The two headed to their sides of the arena to towel off and take long drinks from canteens of flavored water.’
      • ‘You mean those highly alcoholic flavored liquor drinks?’
      • ‘The unpleasant salty or soapy taste may be masked in flavored or alcoholic beverages.’
      • ‘We flavored it with chocolate drink powders, malted milk powder, and flavored syrups to make luxuriously thick beverages.’
      • ‘Taste preferences in flavored fluid milk always include chocolate, but strawberry topped the list of most popular flavor introductions in milk drinks in 2004.’
      • ‘Squashes, fizzy drinks, flavoured milk and juice drinks are unsuitable for babies as they contain sugars.’
      • ‘So they plead with her to give them a taste of the flavored milk.’
      • ‘Some of the wedding vendors will bring samples; for example, most cake vendors will bring a variety of flavored cakes for you to taste.’
      • ‘There is also a growing market for new soft drinks such as clear, healthy-looking flavoured waters, herbal waters and teas, with a baffling range of flavours to choose from.’
      • ‘Zeph (who preferred to prepare his own sports drinks) called it over-priced flavoured fizz.’
      • ‘If you can't stand plain water, drink a flavored version.’
      • ‘According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, children who drink flavored milk consume more milk and have higher calcium intakes than those who don't.’
      • ‘In addition, new products with added value such as flavored milk drinks and powdered milk enriched with calcium, vitamins or iron, achieved increasingly wide distribution.’
      • ‘The only shortcoming is that the shelf life of the flavoured milk drinks does not exceed two days.’
      • ‘To stay hydrated, drink water or one of the flavored sports drinks almost as fast as you can pour it down your throat.’
      • ‘Adding a touch of flavored coffee to your regular coffee beans adds a special taste that is uniquely yours.’
      • ‘Here we go, the ‘not to be drunk’ list includes cordials, soft drinks, tonic water, fruit juice drinks or flavoured milk.’
      • ‘The shop now only stocks drinks like both plain and flavoured milk and water, and fruit juices.’
      • ‘It also asserts that this flavoured wine is delicious to drink.’
    2. 1.2in combination Having a particular distinctive quality.
      ‘the band knocked out some fine rock 'n' roll-flavored singles’