Definition of flavanone in US English:



  • A colorless, crystalline derivative of flavone.

    • ‘The flavanones, hesperetin and naringenin and the flavones apigenin and luteolin appeared to be the active inducers and their induction abilities varied with the types of signal compounds.’
    • ‘Recent studies by Manach et al. have demonstrated the bioavailability of citrus flavanones from orange juice, mainly in the form of hesperetin glucuronides and sulfo-glucuronides to a lesser extent.’
    • ‘Dietary flavonoids fall mainly into five subclasses: flavonols, flavones, flavanones, flavans, and anthocyanidins.’
    • ‘Flavonoids are composed of different chemical classes such as flavones, isoflavones, flavonols, flavanols, flavanones, and chalcones.’
    • ‘Merken explains that foods contain more than 50 flavonoids, and they fit into 5 major subclasses: anthocyanidins, catechins, flavanones, flavones, and flavonols.’