Definition of flatiron in US English:



  • 1historical An iron that was heated externally and used for pressing clothes.

    • ‘Quentin then visits a hardware store, where he buys two flat irons.’
    flat iron, electric iron, steam iron, smoothing iron
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  • 2US A heated device for straightening and styling hair.

    • ‘Working with individual sections that are about 1-2" in thickness, smooth all of the hair with a hot flat iron.’
    • ‘Use a large flat iron to create the lift.’
    • ‘They are much better suited for styling, after using a flat iron, to separate ends for spiky effects.’
    • ‘He then used the flat iron to bump the ends for a modern edgy finish.’
    • ‘Then run a traditional or ceramic barreled flat iron through the tresses to straighten.’
    • ‘Once Ken was satisfied with his magical hair placement and razoring, he reached for his flat iron.’
    • ‘Razor cutting also creates surface texture that you can emphasize with texture creams or play down by using a flat iron.’
    • ‘Hair was initially blown dry, then slightly sculpted with a flat iron.’
    • ‘I did buy a few things I needed and wanted, including the flat iron I've been ranting about to Amanda.’
    • ‘The ends were flipped with a flat iron.’
    • ‘She spent $96 and bought a flat iron for her hair.’
    • ‘And try to lay off your blow-dryer, hot curlers and flat iron as much as possible.’
    • ‘James then went in with a flat iron to flip small sections around the face.’
    • ‘To finish off the look, Gordon created the soft large curls with a flat iron.’
    • ‘Curly or super wavy hair that is backcombed without first being straightened with a flat iron can be the worst type of style to detangle.’
    • ‘She used texturizing shears to avoid blunt, weighty ends, and a ceramic flat iron to straighten and separate.’
    • ‘Messy, big hair or rocking layers: push the flat iron to the back of the drawer.’
    • ‘Working section by section, smooth hair with a flat iron.’


[with object]US
  • Straighten or style (hair) with a flat iron.

    • ‘It also keeps hair from frizzing and protects it, especially the ends, before flat-ironing.’
    • ‘Always flat-iron your hair in small sections - the smaller the section the straighter the hair will be.’
    • ‘The hair was washed, conditioned, blow-dried and flat-ironed with slightly tapered ends to give it a sleek look.’
    • ‘Putting moisture back prevents breakage and gives your hair resilience so you can blow dry it, flat-iron it, or do what any Hollywood star needs to do to get through their career.’
    • ‘Glassner, with her charmingly unkempt curls, crocheted dress, and Brooklyn ZIP code, has already upstaged the other fashion editors, whose dramatic hair (peroxide blonde, flat-ironed) and outfits (stilettos, leather) seemed almost boringly predictable.’
    • ‘Want to improve your flat-ironing technique?’
    • ‘"Who wants to take time to blow-dry and flat-iron hair when you can have gorgeous curls so quickly?"’
    • ‘And then I look around and realise that, far from a brigade of bling-wearing, Burberry-loving chavettes, the girls in the queue behind me are actually ordinary, common or garden Essex teenagers, complete with full cleavages, flat-ironed hair and stilettos.’
    • ‘The hair was then flat-ironed and flicked up for a saucy flip.’
    • ‘She then flat-ironed the weave lightly for sleekness and control.’
    • ‘After flat-ironing your hair, it is best to use a lightweight serum or sheen that will smooth frizz without weighing down the hair.’
    • ‘Hours before Lavigne even hit the stage, her influence was evident through the thousands of tween girls running around with their dark eye make-up, tank tops avec baggy pants and flat-ironed hair.’
    • ‘I would spend up to half an hour blowing it out and then flat-ironing it, or I'd have to get a professional blowout.’
    • ‘Once the hair was dry, the stylist flat-ironed each section of hair, sealing in the straightening solution.’
    • ‘Hair was razor-cut into long layers, flat-ironed forward, and fingered for a spiky look.’
    • ‘I also decided today that I am not flat-ironing my hair for the next two weeks.’
    • ‘Greene wrapped our model's hair before flat-ironing it straight.’