Definition of flat spin in US English:

flat spin


  • A spin in which an aircraft descends in tight circles while remaining almost horizontal.

    • ‘The human tolerance to a flat spin is about 140 RPM, and uncontrolled spin rates of up to about 200 RPM can occur.’
    • ‘The glider then began a flat spin from about 300 feet.’
    • ‘They were headed for a flat spin, and as he had said, it would only take a minute before they hit the ground.’
    • ‘His port wing clipped the canyon wall and sent him into a violent flat spin in excess of Mach Seven.’
    • ‘Without thrust, we'll go into a flat spin, out of control.’
    • ‘Along with the severe down air, my glider, a Sensor 510C, was forced into a 180 degree flat spin twice.’


flat spin

/ˈflat ˈˌspin//ˈflæt ˈˌspɪn/