Definition of flash flood in US English:

flash flood


  • A sudden local flood, typically due to heavy rain.

    • ‘During the past weekend, flash floods caused by torrential rains have crippled relief work in Eastern Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘Wiltshire was hit by flash floods on Tuesday after inches of torrential rain fell on the district.’
    • ‘It's hard enough to cross the desert as it is - without monsoon rains and flash floods.’
    • ‘It is thought that flash floods and general flooding has been responsible for more deaths than any other climatic event.’
    • ‘The heat has also triggered violent thunderstorms and flash floods in northern Britain.’
    • ‘After basking in hot summer sunshine, the weather broke and torrential rain and flash floods brought chaos across Greater Manchester.’
    • ‘Floods, especially flash floods, kill more people each year than hurricanes, tornadoes, wind storms or lightning.’
    • ‘But Flanagan isn't discouraged by the sudden flash flood.’
    • ‘Much of this comes in sudden downpours in spring and autumn which sometimes cause devastating flash floods.’
    • ‘Torrential rain brought flash floods to Scarborough, leaving holidaymakers donning raincoats instead of basking in the sun.’
    • ‘Lightning storms, flash floods, and dust storms are distinct possibilities.’
    • ‘Long dry periods are often broken by heavy rains and flash floods.’
    • ‘Record numbers of holidaymakers have jetted off to escape the torrential downpours, flash floods and tornadoes that have made this summer the wettest in almost 20 years.’
    • ‘Canyons fill up very quickly after a heavy downpour, although flash floods are not that common.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, firefighters battled flash floods caused by the torrential rain.’
    • ‘Quick downpours from summer thunderstorms can cause flash floods anywhere.’
    • ‘Some supercells produce little rain, others, downpours that can cause flash floods.’
    • ‘Rapid deforestation has led to rapid soil erosion, dust storms and flash floods.’
    • ‘Western areas were hit by flash floods and power failures after torrential rain on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.’
    • ‘Heavy rain and flash floods on Monday brought misery to thousands across Britain, but yesterday it seemed the worst was over for Yorkshire for the time being.’
    inundation, swamping, deluge
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flash flood

/ˈˌflaSH ˈfləd//ˈˌflæʃ ˈfləd/